34 thoughts on “My June Garden Overview. My Garden in Hot Summer Season

  1. Such a beautiful garden Doctor ji.
    How many years have you spent to make such beautiful garden??
    I had just started last year gardening part time and I have literally nothing compared to this.

  2. Frndsss as we all no pollution is intensing you may grow aloevera ficus snake plant spider plant at your home becz they have the ability to remove toxins in air and release more oxygen

  3. Absolutely breathtaking !! Very serene 😊❀ you did an amazing job !

    *Edit*. I let the ads play all the way through, even the 6 minute ads lol. Some of the other youtubers said if we allow the whole ad to play, they get paid more…I hope it helps you β€πŸ™πŸ˜Š.

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