Myth Busted: Winter Test | Ford Electric Vehicles

Myth Busted: Winter Test | Ford Electric Vehicles

(dramatic music) – We are at the Smithers
Winter Test facility. It’s a wild place. Today is all about evaluating our vehicle in extreme conditions,
ice and packed snow. We have to make sure the
battery operates as expected in such cold conditions. – The vehicle’s handling really well. – The feedback from the
throttle is immediate in a way only a battery electric vehicle can really give you. – It gives you a much more
instantaneous level of control. The electric vehicle can drive through pretty extreme conditions. – People are gonna be surprised. (vehicle engine roaring)

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8 thoughts on “Myth Busted: Winter Test | Ford Electric Vehicles

  1. Was ist wenn ich 3 Std bei -10° im Stau stehe… darf ich das Fahrzeug dann noch heizen ohne das die Batterie leer geht?

  2. no one ever said it. and no one cares. because it has nothing to do with driving, it is more about the range and the fact that electric cars produce less heat so plenty of energy goes for defrosting and warming the cabin….

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