13 thoughts on “Na-ion vs Li-ion battery – Are sodium batteries better and how is sugar involved in this?

  1. Impressive.. I always wondered what we'd use with lithium being used as a source of energy for almost all modern electronics.

  2. Very good video bro. I hope you do more like these. Maybe activated carbon with different ions like sodium and potassium.

  3. Is lithium the main cost in lithium-ion batteries? How much cheaper could sodium-ion batteries be? For some applications, like storing solar energy produced by rooftop solar panels, size is not a big issue these the sodium-ion batteries could be really useful.

  4. It would be fair comparing batteries of different sizes? maybe an equal-mass Na-ion batteries can compete against equal-mass Li-ion Batteries

  5. Bruh I tried to do 8k quality for the video. And Laptops be like. Oh no I hate this. It took like a min to load into 8k and loading properly now.

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