Nagaland – Switzerland of the East | Incredible India | Hungama Kids

Nagaland – Switzerland of the East | Incredible India | Hungama Kids

Hello Friends! I am your guide prachi,welcome to hungama kids and your favourite series ‘Incredible India’ where I will taking you to some stunning states of our country…talking about Some ‘known’ and some ‘not so known facts’ Well, the state we would be talking about
today, is not only a natural wonders But is also known as the Falcon Capital of the World. Let’s Go to the place Which is the home of the several
tribes of India, ‘Nagaland’ Let’s take a look at the demography first
Located in the extreme North East of India Bordered on its west and north by
Assam, on its east by Myanmar, on South by Manipur Nagaland is one of the smallest states
of India. Kohima is the capital city. Now lets see at its religion distribution pattern There are 93% Christians, 4.5% Hindus, 1.6% Muslims and 1% other religions residing here. You would be amazed to know that there are 60 types of different tribal languages spoken here which belong to the ‘Sino-Tibetan’
language-family that is also the 2nd largest language family of the world English is the official language of the state
and hence the medium-of-education is English Nagaland has literacy rate of 80%. Now lets take a look at the major tourist attractions of this state are Mokokchung, Mount Pauna, Kachari ruins, Kohima War cemetery, beautiful ‘Phek’
waterfall, wild life sanctuaries of Fakim, Pulie Badze aur Itanki, to name a few. Do you know that in the battle of Kohima in 1944, during the second world war? Indian soldiers fought alongside British army and defeated Japanese army It was known as the Battle of Kohima and Kohima War cemetery was constructed in the honor of those soldiers If you want to see the remote areas of this
state, you can visit Mon district where tourists make a beeline to see traditional village
and tattooed warrior tribes. For a laid-back rural experience ‘Wokha’
district is perfect, which is famous for it’s small townships, beautiful flowers and organic
fruits. There is also a popular picnic spot near Dimapur,
a 120 feet high waterfall known as the Triple-Waterfall Around 68% of the population is into agriculture, producing Rice, millet, pulses, corn, potato, sugarcane and legumes The economy of this state is boosted by many industries, including the cottage industry, This consists of weaving work, iron, wood, and cane based handicraft work. Other major industries of Nagaland are Sugar,
Cement, Bricks and Silk. This state is also rich in natural wealth
of limestone, marble, granite, petroleum, coal, nickel, copper, zinc, platinum and natural gas. It also exports cotton, jute, timber, chilies,
and oil seeds. Wow!! A small state and yet contributing so much
..truly incredible!! Major rivers of Nagaland are Doyang, Dikhu, Dhansiri, Tizu, Jhanji The jungles yield Timbre, Mahogany and Bamboo. Besides, there are 390 species of orchids
and large variety of medicinal plants can be found Talking about wildlife, you can spot Elephants, Leopards, Bears, many species of monkeys, great Indian Hornbill and Mithun – also
known a Gayal The favourite food of Nagas is rice, which
is mainly eaten with vegetables and meat. The locals here, love to eat spicy food And that’s the reason world’s spiciest and hottest of chillies, Bhut Jolokia is found here that even holds it’s name in the Guinness Book. Big deal even I can Besides, smoked stew, Bamboo steamed fish, Chicken glutinous rice soup and Crab chilli sauce are some of the mouthwatering delicacies. Water, water, water…. to spicy i will never do it again Bhut Jolokia is truely a spicy chili of nagaland Nagaland is also known as the land of festivals and amongst various festivals Hornbill is considered the biggest. You would really love to see the Warrior dance which is famous all around the world. The weather is comfortable all through the
year except in monsoon The best time to visit Nagaland is between October & April. I hope, you must have enjoyed all the facts of this unique state ‘Nagaland’ I will be back with another state next week So do like and share this video and subscribe our channel. This is Prachi signing off..stay healthy and
keep smiling..Ciao

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100 thoughts on “Nagaland – Switzerland of the East | Incredible India | Hungama Kids

  1. I don't know what i have watched
    But i really love the way you speak and express.
    You are gonna be a good host! 😁

  2. Every one would be proud of his own but having pride that's not written in the past is a mentally tragedy love.

  3. Thanks for great information on Nagaland.. I would be happy if you could do for Manipur as well. This state never stops to amaze me.

  4. Dream to visit Nagaland?
    Your dream will fade away while traveling the highway of Nagaland! 😁

  5. It aint switzrlnd..
    Its just #NAGALAND itself we dont wana known as switzrlnd of india or northeast. We just known as NAGA/NAGALAND.

  6. Heh YouTuber u have a lot of lack of knowledge….even one state is called as Switzerland of India by prime minister jawaharalal Nehru …..n now u called Nagaland a Switzerland of the east is shame of Nagaland ….u fool idiot utuber

  7. Mother ass…. Dzuko Valley and siroi lily is under the manipur not nagaland….when did nagalang become Switzerland of India. O please don't try to steal a good image of our manipur.

  8. Swutzerland ?? Swutzerland of east?? Go fuck yourself! Switzerland of east is shillong you dummy dipshit hag!! Nagaland is africa of east lmao! Seen the road condition?? Ever seen the bamboo tacthed huts people living at nagaland call home?? The most underdeveloped,3rd graded,, economically weak geographically land locked, resourceless state that does not even have running water facilities and its switzerland?? Maybe the brain portion of ur dad sperm been blown off in a condom that youre here blubbering aimlessly "nagaland switzerland of east " lmfao!!

  9. Hahaha… funny video… i am a naga from Nagaland… n plzz… nagaland is no fun place to be… its dirty, no roads… fully infested with bangladeshis immigrants..full of gangs n militants… crime capital of the world… extortion n taxation at the max… corruption rotten politicians , beuracrats and technocrats filled in all depts… plz ..plz dnt spread lies.. if u want to do a video then show the ground reality too… people are suffocating with militants n gang wars…

  10. People never know how this state has developed an anti national on behalf of naga .there are many discrimination among Thier people about different tribes. Only those beauty of hills is not enough to compare with Switzerland. In spite of Thier wealthy they have only one govt medical College . Hungama you are making a wrong video of it

  11. Switzerland of India.. what a Joke!! Have you ever been there lol?? It has the potential to become one but there's still long way to go for it to become Switzerland..

  12. You've miss out some important places, anyway thanks for your beautiful feedback and encouragement. Proud to be Nagaland.
    #from Mumbai

  13. Official language is nagamese not English … Please don't miss inform if you don't know shit you bitch

  14. Hope I'll have to get a 100x zoom camera to find Hornbill..
    All I can find in Nagaland is the skull of Hornbill..

  15. It is adviced to not visit Nagaland during Summer because during summer Nagaland comes first and closest to Sun, then only comes Mercury as next πŸ€­πŸ˜„πŸ˜‹βœŒοΈ J.K… that is felt mostly in a District
    It is green and you will find cool places, even almost freezing places the whole year no matter which month or season you visit. Different weather in just different districts and areas…β™₯️✌️ Enjoy plains, hills, mountains and other beautiful nature and foods.
    Also, before leaving, just give a try to taste our King Chilly..πŸ€­πŸ˜‹πŸ€—

  16. This video has been so helpful to me. Learned so much about my own state which I didn't know earlier. πŸŒˆπŸ˜πŸ’žπŸ’ž

  17. LMAO this video is so misleading. I'm 101% sure that this woman has no idea what she is talking about. She has never been there to our state that I can bet. Some of the facts she mentioned are so incomplete. Kids, if you are working on your project work and watching this video for information, I feel sad for you. There are other blogs and vlogs about Nagaland on internet. Skip this.

  18. Nagaland is bae 😍😍😍❀️❀️❀️❀️ gem of my India 😍😍😍

  19. We nΓ gas are Manipur Nagas Assam Nagas Arunachal Pradesh Nagas Burma Nagas Tripura Nagas etc

  20. You have given the wrong information.. the geographical map itself is wrong ,Please make the corrections that Switzerland of India,East is Manipur not Nagaland.

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