National Forest Camping

National Forest Camping

well I'm currently out in the Uwharrie National Forest I'm going to be here today and tomorrow doing some scouting around the yakan River and preparations for a future canoe trip but hiking today from about 9 o'clock and it is now 12 o'clock so I'm gonna go ahead and stop and get some lunch made feels good to finally be able to walk around without that pack on even if it is just long enough to gather some sticks for a fire right on the other side of the creek you can see there's been quite a bit of camping done so much of the firewood around here has been taken but since I'm only going to be here for lunch all I need is a small cook fire so it's going to take very little firewood you'll notice I'm not cooking on the flames but actually just the coals that is really a key to not burning your food it allows you to cook it slowly just like to get a home on the stove now I'm just making a normal Vanek mixture except I'm going to add some raisins I'm going to add some sliced almonds isn't you know there's no reason to overthink camp cooking it's it's really just the same mill as you have in your home you just adapt them to where you can cook them over a fire I'm sitting here finishing up the dishes I just wanted to point out the life that's beaming out of this little Creek I've seen two types of small fish and freshwater shrimp and very healthy looking freshwater shrimp well the original plan was the hi quest for my drop-off point because I knew I would eventually hit the yakan River and from the Yakima River I could hike up the river to the location I was trying to reach but as I was hiking west I've actually found you know a trail then a road and stuff I would just follow for a little ways it didn't take long before since I got off course following these easier paths I became lost really lost so I eventually just started had to call it a day and a started looking around for a place to set up camp and I found this place right off of a gravel road it's got a little creek so I'll have a water supply go ahead set up camp just take it easier for the rest of the day because I am absolutely exhausted and I figure out what I'm going to do tomorrow morning you give those morning's where your really really comfortable and you don't want to get up yeah this is one of those mornings something it's nice about using this style of a tarp setup so that I'll have to do is drop that main pole and instantly have a platform for folding up a blanket don't want to spend a whole lot of time on breakfast this morning so keep it pretty simple Apple to mandarin oranges and some raisins well now I'm at the exact same spot I was yesterday but I think I know where I went wrong this time I dropping the map though my viewer that means I've done a complete circle so in last 24 hours I've gotten nowhere but I think I know where I went wrong this time I'll show you so this is where I started out is on this gravel road I then walked up this trail little ways and then started heading west towards the yacking River as I headed west I eventually ran into that trail right back there and followed that trail for a while until I came to this gravel road crossed a gravel road continued on the trail down to the creek but once I came to the second crossing that's where I had lunch what happened was I walked up off the creek trying to get to a more level ground so it wasn't so hard and that's when I found a mysterious gravel road that I cannot find on the map I followed that gravel road to who-knows-where and eventually just set up camp I'm going to go the same route I did yesterday except follow the creek this time okay the Sun rises in the east and gain sun's rising right there and sets in the west so take a stick so we've got east and west okay so if we know this is east and west then we know these two directions will be north and south here okay so take a map and line it up correctly okay I believe I'm right here and according to the map I should be heading north in a Northwest direction following the creeks downstream because it's coming out of these hills but yesterday I was actually heading south see that makes sense now that that explains the mystery gravel road right here and explains how I ended up back where I started you know I'm really wishing I have not forgot my compass now I was a very foolish mistake but um yeah it feels good to finally have my bearings correct I think so yeah we're going to go with it see what happens it's actually called Big Island Creek it's just the same repeating routine stop brief them the water bottle drink as much as I can refill it and hit the trail you well have actually made it to the Yakima River or actually it Canal coming off of the Yakima River there's way too many houses along the river for my original plan of simply hiking up the river so according to the map as long as I stick in the woods and hike north we should eventually come to a road and then I can follow that road down to the river although it is three o'clock and I have allof had his breakfast today so I'm going to eat some more food yes these potatoes were supposed to be boiled but I don't think would be best to light a fire right now the rest of my raisins my apples and potatoes can't wait to put some distance between me in this location there's some dogs out there stalking me well I finally reach the road and I check my phone to see if I could get a signal and sure enough I could and I'm exactly where I thought it would be on the map so that's good going to turn off my phone to preserve the battery but there it is pavement going that way and gravel going this way and I should be able to take this road right down to the river probably made it to the Yaak and river that you can only see about half the river because there's an island that separates it from the other half I'm actually standing on a gentleman's property right now this is private land but he allowed me to come down here film this real quick well appreciating time to watch us hook in Jordan if you enjoyed this video feel free to check out some of the other videos on my channel and sorry for the how hectic this trip was but I'm definitely learning a lot and thank you for watching I would also like to give a special thanks to the individuals who helped me out on this trip including the gentleman who allowed me to film on his property the group having the cookout that after realizing I've been in the woods for the last two days invited me to join in and also the family that gave me a ride to a nearby service station after I realized I was not able to make phone calls in that area from that service station I was out with a call and wait for my rights come

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20 thoughts on “National Forest Camping

  1. Man… I am addicted to Reggie's videos and in agreement with most of the good comments. His videography is amazing, I've learned a few things and I like that he admits his mistakes.

    I'm bummed that there are not as many from Reg as there used to be. I'm afraid he got a job and found a girl. "His care free days with us are history….?"

    Stay with it, Reg. Looking forward to the next vid

  2. I know this is an old video but I just stumbled across it. Great job keeping cool when things don't go as planned. A lot of people would panic when lost in the woods but you kept your head and were well prepared. A+

  3. How old are you? I'm 9 and watch with my grandpa and I think you are a brave and amazing guy. All my best! Connor

  4. I watch hiking, bushcraft, camping and survival videos all day. Today I found this and am blown away seeing such a young man so expertly present his adventure on video! Had to sub and put the bell on. Gonna check out the rest of the vids now. Hopefully you are still active here. Awesome job.

  5. This is a good video. I did want to say that if you go here, know that you are not allowed to have a fire like that. It must be a grill, camp stove or in a fire pan.

  6. I always have a hiking stick– strong & 5 or 6 feet, sharpened. One good use of it is that dogs take one look at it and don't come close.

  7. Boil water, pour it into a Mountain House pouch, wait 9 minutes, and enjoy a nice hot meal!  Much easier and faster than going through all the different steps in this video for lunch.  And you don't have to clean any dishes or pots!

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