National Marine Sanctuaries Are Otterly Important!

National Marine Sanctuaries Are Otterly Important!

Hey everyone!
Patrick from the Aquarium here. Sorry to interrupt your sea otter content, but we
have a really important message for you from the Monterey Bay Aquarium about sea otters, so you otter to find this interesting. In April the White House
released an Executive Order that could open up National Marine Sanctuaries to
oil and gas development, including National Marine Sanctuaries right here
in California. That’s otterly worrisome because nearly all of the three thousand-plus southern sea otters in California live right here in the
Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. One single oil spill along our coast
could devastate that sea otter population, and protecting otters from
oil spills is one of the main reasons that the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary
was set up in the first place. Sea otters are critically important to the health
of California’s coastal ecosystem, and if you follow us on social media, you know
that we love to post about sea otters! And that’s actually probably the main
reason that you clicked “Like” in the first place… So if that checks out for you, there’s
a lot that you can do. There is a public comment period on this Executive Order
going on right now–it’s actually wrapping up in just a few days. This is a chance for
you to tell the administration what you think about marine sanctuaries and that
sea otters should stay protected along our coast. We have a link right here
below me where you can leave your comments. We’ve also got some language
down here that you can riff off of. You can also upload your favorite picture
from a marine sanctuary directly to your comment and maybe you could upload a sea
otter there to tell them just how important they are to you. Sorry that’s a
little bit wordier than most sea otter posts that you’re used to from us, but
this is really important and we hope you’ll speak out in favor of preserving
marine sanctuaries and protecting sea otters from oil spills so they can stay
in your social media feeds. For those of you who made it to this point in the
video, just know that you are otterly pawsome and you deserve all of your
future sea otter content including this video right here behind me! So let me
just unpaws that for you, and thanks for watching–enjoy the sea otters!

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9 thoughts on “National Marine Sanctuaries Are Otterly Important!

  1. How do you comment? The linked site says "Submit Public Comment – This Feature is Not Available for This Document"

  2. Unfortunately, the enhanced content feature to submit public comments is not enabled for this document. Add this legislation to the list of shameful dealings by this administration.

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