Natural Resources of Asia

Natural Resources of Asia

natural resources of Asia the greatest natural wealth of Asia is its agricultural resources but they are unevenly distributed about one sixth of Asia is land area is suitable for agriculture agriculture is carried on in the Fertile river valleys of the tigress Euphrates indus ganga Brahmaputra se Kyung hyung hyung and Wang hay rainfall is unevenly distributed during the year and so irrigation done by the use of canals is of great importance four types of agricultural methods are carried out in Asia the first type is shifting agriculture which is the oldest type of agriculture it is also known as a slash-and-burn method in this method land is cleared by cutting and burning trees after which seeds are planted this is a wasteful method of cultivation because after 2-3 years the land becomes infertile and then a fresh clearing is carried out on a new land which leads to deforestation shifting agriculture is carried on in some hilly regions of Southeast Asia where there is plenty of rainfall and the hills are covered with thick forests tuber crops like yams and tapioca are grown the second type of Agriculture subsistence agriculture is practiced by most farmers in South and Southeast Asia in this type the farms are small and traditional methods of farming are followed much of Asia lies in the tropics and warm temperate latitudes hence two crops can be harvested in a year the farmers often raise some livestock chiefly to help with the world the third type of Agriculture is plantation agriculture begun by European colonial rulers it is also widespread in Asia especially in parts of India Sri Lanka Malaysia Indonesia and the Philippines here huge states of land are planted with a single crop like rubber sugarcane coffee tea or bananas which are major items of export the fourth type of Agriculture is extensive agriculture which is carried on in some parts of Central Asia and West Siberia due to the large size of the farm and low density of population manual labour is not possible machines are used to perform almost all farming operations wheat is the most important crop cultivated two-thirds of the cultivated land rose food crops the chief food crops of Asia and wait rice is a tropical crop of the monsoon region more than 90% of the world production of rice comes from China and India the other large producers of rice are japan bangladesh myanmar indonesia thailand etc wheat is a crop of the subtropical and the temperate regions it grows well in cool climates with moderate rainfall wheat is grown in Asian Russia Central Asian countries North China India Pakistan and Southwest Asia in India and Pakistan wheat is cultivated during the winter season millet like Jabbar Bhadra and Wragge is cultivated where rice cannot be grown due to poor soil or lack of water it is used as food for people and livestock like rice it is native of Asia and has been cultivated probably for over 7000 years various cash crops like cotton sugar cane tea rubber and Jude are also cultured in Asia China India Pakistan Turkey and Syria are the leading cotton growing countries of Asia India and China are the second and fourth largest producers of sugarcane in the world respectively the other important producers of sugarcane of Philippines Indonesia Bangladesh China and Taiwan China India Indonesia Sri Lanka and Japan are the leading producers of tea jute grows best in the Delta of the ganga Brahmaputra Bangladesh is the largest producer in the world followed by India 90 percent of the raw rubber comes from Malaysia Thailand Indonesia and Sri Lanka Malaysia is the largest producer an exporter of rubber in the world in the drier parts South Asia and in the temperate grasslands of Central Asia people make a living by rearing animals they get cheese butter meat fur and hides for clothing etc from the animals some animals are used for transportation camels goats and sheep are the most important animals in Southwest Asia in Central Asia Bactrian camels goats sheep and yaks are riyadh cattle and sheep are important in the temperate grasslands reindeer herding is a major activity in the north Asia has large areas covered with two main types of forests which provide valuable forest products the first type of forest is a hardwood forest which includes the equatorial forest monsoon forests and the temperate deciduous forests these forests are well known for teak mahogany rosewood bamboo sandalwood and camphor the second type of forest is a soft word forest which includes the coniferous forests the set soft wood is used for making paper pulp synthetic textiles and matchsticks much of the Asian population depends on fishing as an occupation and fish as a source of protein in their diet most of the fishing is done in traditional boats Japan and Russia are the largest and the most modern fishing industry the leading countries for fishing after Japan and Russia are China India Indonesia and South Korea Asia has some of richest mineral deposits in the world Asia has large deposits of iron ore which is the most important mineral for the development of modern industry India and China are largest producers of iron ore in Asia about 50% coal reserves of found in Asia large coal deposits are found in Western Siberia in Russia in northwest China and in the Peninsular plateau of India the richest oil and petroleum reserves in the world are in Asia mainly in Southwest Asia in the Persian Gulf region India Siberia and China are large manganese producers of Asia India ranks third in the world production of manganese Malaysia is the largest producer of thim in the world other important producers of tin are China Myanmar Indonesia and Thailand India is among the largest producers of mica in the world mica is a transparent mineral found in igneous rocks gold is found in Siberia in Russia China Mongolia and India the main countries that produce silver in Asia are Malaysia Indonesia and Myanmar China is the largest producer of tungsten in the world it is produced by South Korea and Thailand you you you

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