Natural Source of Abundance | Neeta Singhal

Natural Source of Abundance | Neeta Singhal

Now a days the biggest challenge the people all over the world face… …is of abundance. Yes or no? We are constantly
in a state of lack. We feel money is
just not enough. There is not enough
money in the bank. We don’t have enough to
go out for holidays. And we are all the time worrying
about the future needs of our children What’d happen at retired age? Need a house in Mumbai (Bombay). What if there’s a calamity? We fear: ‘What if my
business does not do well. ‘What if I lose my customers?’ ‘What if I lose my job?’ So we are all the time
feeling money is not enough. At the same time the society
is also not helping. The society keeps showing us the
picture of mentality of scarcity ‘Not enough seats and jobs. Recession is up
People are unemployed’ ‘People are leading
with hardships’ The society tends to
be lacking so much However that might benefit
it to a great extent Because as soon as you show them the
lack (of something), they all run for it They run for seats, jobs. They compromise.
They suffer. They work with even less salaries. The society however thrives But it causes the unnecessary
stress in the mind of a human being He goes through a lot of
unnecessary pain and stress. And all these pains and stress… …go and settle in Muladhara
Chakra of your body. All these stresses are called
the stress of survival. Stress of surviving. Food, clothing and shelter All these stresses… …go into Muladhara Chakra
and get stuck therein They end up blocking that Chakra Because of that Chakra the natural source of abundance …from where we earn money The money from that source
ceases to flow into our life.

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