NCISD | Midsummer Night’s Dream | Woodridge Forest Middle School

NCISD | Midsummer Night’s Dream | Woodridge Forest Middle School

The Fine Arts department at New Caney ISD
has been starting students out early in their lives to appreciate and embrace the theater. At Woodridge Forest Middle School, the lights
go down and the curtain opens to Heather Rostad’s newest team of performers. “ it depends on the cast I’m given, the
class that we have so between 10 and 30. This one is about 25.” For Rostad’s class, putting on scenes from
a play is nothing short of hard work for everyone in every position. “ This one we are doing scenes from Mid-Summers
night dream so about 4 to 6 weeks we get prepared. We get all the lights the blocking, the sound
the props the set. Then get ready with transitions all the way
through to the end. “
With parents and friends looking on, these young actors get more from the production
than just memory work. “Memory is just the first part. The rest of it is the action, the acting,
the fun part. They are getting ready right now, heading
back stage. It’s the energy you get from the show is

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