Nearshore Studies –  Storm Water

Nearshore Studies – Storm Water

So with climate change we’re seeing an
increase in major storm events. And when we have these major storm events we end
up with more particulate matter coming off the landscape. And this can increase
turbidity in the water. And with this increase in turbidity we can get an
increase in fecal coliforms and e.coli. So you may have noticed last year that
the waterfront park at Port Perry was closed for most of the year. And this was
in part due to this increase in storm events. And the runoff that occurred with
them contributed to an increase in e.coli. This could be coming from farms,
septic systems or waterfowl. We don’t know the source without doing DNA
analysis and that’s beyond the scope of this study. What we do know is that urban
areas we tend to see higher levels of e.coli. Climate change will only increase
the amount of storm events and intense precipitation happening in the area. So
it’s really important for us to understand how this affects water
quality in Lake Scugog. Especially within the more densely populated areas. Port
Perry for example relies on tourism and people come to enjoy the beautiful
waterfront. So we need to make sure we’re taking care of it. This study will help
us better understand the influencing factors so we can help keep the water in
good condition for the years to come.

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