NEVER DRIVING AGAIN! (Push Your Chopper) - Last Day on Earth: Survival

NEVER DRIVING AGAIN! (Push Your Chopper) – Last Day on Earth: Survival

and look at that we can also push our chopper like that walking with our feet hey over here over here help me please but this is the thing that I was talking about my dog oh he'll be able to just to climb inside look at that guys we're gonna take it you're gonna climb inside and look at that my dog would just walks inside the yo-yo case me epicycle welcome to last in Earth's survival so I keep getting comments every single day that oh my god sake why don't you do the chop retreat please do the chopper trick so today is the special day when Cyrus will do the chopper trick so for those who don't know what is chopper trick I will explain everything for you but to be honest it's gonna be my first time doing it and I'm not really sure what is that chopper trick in the first place but hey we're gonna realize that so right now we're writing the base name Victoria 24 and like always let's check out the truck and truck is obviously gonna be totally 100% empty I believe that I am gonna place my c4 somewhere over here hopefully I'm not gonna miss place and so here this is where we gonna place it bada bing us that's scape off as you saw I got stuck in one place for some reason and I thought that I'm just gonna explode myself but hey we did not and I still don't know how much damage does c4 do I think it does like 200 damage or something it kills you no matter what okay but how am I gonna do the wall trick the chopper trick dude there isn't many chests to spawn wave of zombies I'm an idiot uh-huh okay you know what I'm gonna leave at least one floor too bro that blower right I don't want him to kill me so what are we gonna do I'm gonna lure this photo bloater to the top because this is a really really small base and it will be hard to do the chopper trick right so here go and I'm just gonna go back down so that he cannot reach me and you might be like sonic what are you doing and wish I knew the answer so here go I took the chopper now I'm gonna push that chopper back here to the top and that dude is gonna start punching me no matter what obviously obviously he's the head he starts punching me what is this wow what the hell look at that I can just push my chopper and he's not gonna beat me up look at that he can't attack okay he can I take my words back he totally can attack me how do I do I get out from here just like that yes but how do I enter back there that's the question then I put my chopper somehow inside he's gonna kill me you know what I gotta I cannot don't no free space dude don't tell me what is the free space okay he's gonna kill me so no no no no man look at that 32 hell – get out of here here go gotta heal up so by how I understand i have to place the chopper on this side like that right why is this a that there's no free space man Miami Chopra trick is totally fixed I don't understand because you know what let's deal with this Florida bloater like I do know that you can just place your chopper and then exit behind it and then you will be able to use your melee weapons to fight with those Schmucks right but it doesn't work I think they fix the chopper trick so everybody who's been telling me that I should do the chopper trick I think it's fixed now for a really long time and yeah or maybe it's not wait well I can't leave the chopper here inside of the of this base but I cannot block it in the middle of the door I'm not sure if they fixed it and inside of the first chest we got two guns by first aid kit so this is already a pretty great start I've been talking here a lot about that chopper trick and stuff like that but I still couldn't pull it off I don't know maybe I'm doing something wrong with it maybe I'm not I don't know mates really look at that I try to escape the chopper right I try to exit and it says no free space I don't understand like is it my fault am i doing something wrong please explain to me and again I'm just gonna get a bunch of comments now that I'm doing it in the wrong way but I feel that they fixed it because I've seen a lot of comments as well saying that this chopper trick doesn't work anymore because they fixed it so I'm not sure if it's really fixed or not really fixed and I cannot escape here as well now and for those who do not know how can you push your chopper you just gotta get rid of all the gasoline and then it should work I don't really know what can I say for those chopper trick cold people because for me I don't really care about that trick anyways as I can just use my guns to deal with the wave of zombies but here I've literally spent almost five minutes now trying to put that chopper properly and it just doesn't work my dude just doesn't want to leave the chopper in that place I don't think it works maybe somehow I don't know I don't think it just works I think that trick is fixed now so in any case I'm just gonna chop down now another chest and inside we got another m16 pretty cool pretty cool we got my electronic circuit that they stole from me let's take also some duct tape a stack of bolts and I believe this is it I think this is the full raid maybe you don't have to place choppers on top of the chests maybe that's how it works maybe maybe that's the key to the success but look at that I even try to let's say place chopper over here it still doesn't work I don't think it would work I think is just fixed and that's it look at that it doesn't work no free space if I place it over here then it works but I cannot place it anywhere else so but basically maybe if there is no chest maybe if that's gonna work for you you can try that and let's say there is way more chest you just chop down down then you place your chopper there in the middle of the door and zombies will not be able to reach you then you just take your melee weapon and you will be able to fight just like that those zombies and they're not gonna be able to reach you don't have to use this torch I just took the torch because it looks pretty damn cool but you can use like katana and fight behind your chopper and they're not gonna attack you that's the whole point behind that chopper trick but like I said I never use it because it's not useful for me and I can just use God's here so I don't see the point of it but I keep getting a lot of and a lot of comments every single day from people being really mad why don't I use the wall trick not the wall trick but the chopper trick and it's super weird to see that people are even mad about it but hey it is what it is I tried my best it doesn't work if I failed I'm sorry make sure to leave that comment down below and tell me how stupid I am that I screwed something up that this is not how I was supposed to do it and yeah but all the chopper tricks aside now let's go and let's try to open up 25 chests to prepare to go to another raid and maybe maybe I'll be lucky enough maybe we're gonna find some sort of a tank or also I would like to find that other special location where our true friend dog can dive inside and take some items it looks like a big pile of snow I think you know what I'm talking about so if we're gonna be able to find those I'll be able to show them for you this is the thing that I was talking about e-exactly boy you know what night is coming we can definitely use now the torch and okay wait is the torch look at that this is the thing that I was talking about except in this snow winter location it's really really bright when you're using the torch but this is the thing that I was talking about my dog oh he'll be able to just to climb inside look at that guys we're gonna take it you're gonna climb inside and look at that my dog would just walks inside and he tries to open up this special thing and inside we can get a fur beanie a katana and a little bit of other cool stuff and I don't know if it's just a lucky day today or no but look at that we just found these new slashes I think you saw them before in the past I think I've showed them that's for sure but hey they definitely look pretty cool and again loot isn't really that great inside of these sledges maybe these are nuts okay flows and blow – ah just burn here we go we're gonna kill this frozen blower and then I will open up this is not actually sledges these are this is the snowmobile I'm kind of an idiot but hey whatever so inside we just get one spring like definitely looking at this Lord it's good a bit definitely better I think you would agree on me on that as well but hey it's kind of it's kind of weird to see such a rare item you know in this snow location and get nothing from it it just feels disappointing so look at that I just found another snowmobile when I reinterred back to this location and I don't know inside we just got like two nuts one wrench and five metal scrap so I mean again loot is okay but definitely could have been better and look at that we can also push our chopper like that walking with our feet I think this is the first no it's not the first time I saw that before but it's definitely ridiculous I think I never paid attention hey over here over here help me please you know what okay I think we'll have to follow it okay let's do this a chopper event super quickly let's heal up we're gonna kill this dude keep er runnin out of time yeah whatever whatever we're just gonna kill these dudes now because they try to kill me first here go they're all dead so there are definitely a lot of cool things that we can do with our chopper you know a lot of cool things that we can do with our chopper we can push it we can sit on it and walk on it that's that's the cool things that we can do so inside of the first chopper we got a full durability m16 okay there was like 95% 90% durability m16 but that is still really really great value even if we got only this gun that would be already enough from the chopper event we wouldn't need anything else but we're still gonna get more if I'm gonna get here a box I'll be very happy and we did not get that secret box not the secret box but just a box with weapons so right now let's go for another right we're gonna be writing tough guns so hopefully this base is gonna have some guns all I know is that I don't have to use any SI force on this base and other than that I have zero idea how many chests what kind of loot are we gonna get inside zero clue baby so that's what we're gonna try out today and also I have now gasoline in the chopper so maybe maybe I will be able to do the wall trick and not do the wall trick but do the chopper trick with the gasoline so we'll see how that is gonna go because like I saw in the beginning of the video I couldn't do the wall couldn't do the chopper to keep saying wall trick it's chopper trick it is chopper trick totally I couldn't do the chopper trick for some reason I couldn't do the wall trick because my dude couldn't get off close to that wall so whatever in any case I will start chopping down some walls I think this is where I'm gonna start it from and maybe I will be able to place my chopper over here I doubt it we'll see whatever let's jump down to here the first chest not the first chest but the first door and now I will try to definitely bring the chopper over there please tell me that it's gonna work and this is the time where I will be able to do the chopper because the point is I don't really care about it I don't want the chopper trick it's not useful for me I don't care it just takes my time it's just waste of time for me in any case but like so many people keep leaving comments that oh my god like how could you why don't you do the wall trick why don't you do that mean the chopper trick and they just literally get triggered and I don't know but as you can see I can't get off my bike here so I think they patched it so hey I think there's less trouble they're gonna be less troubles in the comments nah people will stop asking for me to do the wall trick because it's not working anymore because even if I get inside of look at that guys I'm trying to get out of the chopper here but it just doesn't work I can't I just can't it simply doesn't work I can't even get off my chopper over here so hey I think that trick is done I'm gonna get out of here and we'll start chopping out of the chest because look at that how many just we've got one two three four five just over here and plus if three chests there right so if you have eight chests okay let's damage all of these chests so all of these chests are just one hit away from being destroyed so I start from over this chest and maybe maybe we're gonna get something nice inside of this base and already we got five bandages and a lot of broken okay this is not broken armor we got full tactical armor not tactical armor but yeah this is tactical armor I forgot so we good tactical armor but not this water armor pretty good inside of the second chest we got some gasoline yes yes give me some gasoline give me some duct tape and a web of zombies have spawned and while they're coming we're gonna open up another chest and inside of this chest we just got some tickets and bunch of saw maces not the summation of a truck saw blades it's okay well we dealt with that wave of zombies now let's open up another chest and inside of this just we got some mushrooms let's eat those mushrooms and I do know that some people do not know where you can get them and you can get them in the Oaks own after you unlock your chopper you unlock that radio tower you will unlock some oak zones and inside those organs you will be able to get those mushrooms but so far mushrooms don't do anything just besides doing the same thing as berries they're just restoring like five health or something like that and here we got one broken block and another wave of zombies have spawned David so let's take this Glock let's take some wood and I guess let's keep chopping down just like it's it's kind of disappointing because again we didn't get here anything amazing I think last time when I got something cool was really really long time ago but I mean it we're getting resources right better than a thing I got I just want to stop saying that damn better than nothing I am really getting annoyed myself from saying better than nothing we have to stop doing this we have to stop accepting these kind of garbage raids we got to get something better and where is my chopper I forgot where I placed it we deserve better we as lasted Earth's survival players we are supposed to get a bit better basis I don't want perfect bases all the time but I don't know man well to be honest this is kind of an okay base I don't have nothing to complain about because it could have been definitely way worse and resources are always fine it's not two just there's a lot of chests inside of this base so you know what I'm gonna give a pass for this base even though I'm complaining anyways but I'm gonna give a pass to this base at least so far and we still have two more just open up plus we got some more wood you know what definitely this base gets a huge pass at least from me here go let's chop down this chest and inside we got some more more more wood that's noise this dude seriously has a lot of seeds some might call me crazy but I am gonna steal those seeds maybe one day they will be somehow somewhere useful at least I hope so and now we'll exit this base and I'll try to craft a lot of and a lot of bandages because I took like white couple of stacks of these pieces of cloths so I'll be able to craft bandages so I suggest you doing the same on the raid don't craft bandages inside at the base because you make too much noise well I had 72 noise will I make 30 noise just by crafting these bandages outside of the base because I remember once I left the base and I still did a lot of noise inside of that base even though I was and inside at the base because i crafted more bandages outside of the base and the big one is still spawned so whatever i'm just gonna hop back inside and hopefully the big one isn't here i believe that he shouldn't be here yeah it's only 85 so I think when you leave the base and you come back in you do like what 10 12 13 noise something like that so when you have like 90 noise and you leave the base and you expect that you'll be able to come back don't expect that because the big one is gonna spawn but when you like at 18 noise you can do it and we were able to craft like white almost stack of bandages that's pretty good pretty decent well I started riding low on rope in the base so let's take some rope to be honest I'm happy with how it went I'm happy with this right okay I'm happy so I will suggest you checking out this last an earth survival video where Raiders are sneaking on the farm just look here on the first guard and you'll go check the way they're clicking on the second card and you'll watch a finding video about mercenaries or just go to my play and you're gonna find a lot of in a lot of videos maybe we're gonna find something that you really really like but the boop boop smashing likes left and right

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  2. When u leave to map to craft and come back even if u didn't craft it makes like 16 noise and if u didn't use suicide trick yet it won't work and bye base

  3. Why tf don't u play lifeafter, been waiting for that content for over two weeks. Man I had high hopes but it was all fro nothing, no point to stay as a subscriber…….

  4. They never really fixed the bug you just failed a little bit you have to put it so that half is in the house and half outside

  5. Well the chopper trick isnt fixed but the developers made it extremely hard to pull it of, its not your fault cyrek,

  6. also cairek in the rest stop event there are only two waves of zombies which can be killed easily with spread shot shotgun

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