New Building Coming: The Wardrobe | The Forest

New Building Coming: The Wardrobe | The Forest

hello everyone it's far Kadir and in this video i'm gonna show you the new building i found within the game files i was doing some digging using d inspire gone through the game files of the forest looking for console commands that I thought were missing and I found this by accident it looks like a wardrobe that's what I think it is because you can see this bar gone across it and it's actually called wardrobe now you don't need mods or anything they had this unique console commands which aren't available on ps4 that you can add them on PC and the command is place built objects wardrobe underscore built one the one just means how many you want to place and it will place it press up press 5 will place five of them it's a bit messy now it doesn't have a use of yet I'm not enough percent sure I don't want to place 5 again Jesus Christ it's good enough you can't place outfits on it I've got heaps of outfits here is this Judas dresses and it can't be placed on it yet so it looks like maybe they're all working on this for the last patch version 1.1 1 and they hadn't got it ready yet now it's got two shelves down the bottom and it uses skins here I don't know why they 99% sure this is gonna be for the outfits and I've mentioned quite a few times that I really wanted something for the outfits in this game and it looks like they might be addressing it now how I found it and this is how you can get the blueprint is place all the ghosts and this is really messy there's a place every ghost ok but yeah the problem with it is that it places a garden like this and it's really hard to get rid of what you can do is just pick something else like like something like this it's not working and this blueprint can't seem to get rid of it no there we go placing a garden seem to work god that was really annoying ok so I've just gotta find out it's amongst one of these and there's also other things here too can't be built any more I here it is here that's wardrobe so it requires 16-6 a rabbit skin one log 22 bones and two deer skin I don't know why it cost 22 bones though oh it's up the top there that's what those thin pieces are there you go but those are some big sticks man what if I look better if they use logs I don't know I like it as long as I add it to the guy in the silica about so yeah that's how I found it it doesn't have a use yet and you can't place it normally and all these objects will face the same way get the compass out so they all face west basically that's how I think it works you can't rotate it around or anything though if any models are out there they would be able to probably put it into the game I think though it doesn't have a you set you go wait for the developers to code this so it can be used otherwise it's just a decoration really yeah that's it there it should be out in the next patch I believe it's good to know that they're actually working on the stuff or maybe it's just on the backburner like they did with a small wall no technically a little small wall is still in the game but it's complicated yeah it adds brains on the side it's trying to find other things that might interest you that yeah they might not have known are in the game and that crane goes on its side the hell is that climbing rope funny-looking SOS on car we park that birdhouse on the ground fish trap on land there's all this weird stuff man that's a cliff platform I can't find it must have been placed at the safe so I'm just gonna place it out this way place all ghosts ain't this annoying thing yeah the guy so just place the garden that makes it work okay here's the original custom effigy if you're wondering that's called the head effigy they removed it and replaced it with the custom effigy now surprisingly I haven't seen the old drying rack that should be here but it's not a floating slap collector and maybe you can't add it now the climbing rope one should be here it's actually a building but you can't actually place it this is a plan that goes nowhere be cool if you could actually place these Rock swing trucks you need a tree for them normally see doing this type of crap how's that it there yeah there it is that's the one you find in caves it's actually a building but you can't place this oh there you go you can use it to get underground I doubt that's abuse oh crap I've gone too far no I haven't gone completely off topic ah look at this you can forever climate but we're not gonna do that yeah I think I'm getting sick and feel it coming on baby sick was it right that I get sick sure it's a very feminine sneeze and also what your thoughts are on what these bottom shots would be for are they just fur fillers or they got a use it's quite tall too wouldn't fit in a log cabin okay a decent picture you a let me know what you think and if you liked this video make sure you like and subscribe Cheers

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23 thoughts on “New Building Coming: The Wardrobe | The Forest

  1. There is always a chance they might not add this, though hopefully we can pressure the devs to add it if they choose not to. It has been 3 months since we seen an update for this game.

  2. Hey bud, found a really decent spot for you to maybe build at for your next play through… Top left hand side of the map, right at the top of the chain of waterfalls there is a ledge about 30m to the left hand side with a perfectly sloped ramp leading to it, plenty of trees within distance too! Its got great terrain to build on

  3. has anyone built on the fertiles lands ?cause i currently am and havent seen a canibal in 9 days .
    do they come at all? please reply if u know

  4. What they should add to the game is a means of storing skulls and a better variety of effigies.

  5. Is the blue print he passes in 3:17 some sort of chest? Just curious, seems to resemble like an open chest kind of look to me..

  6. Farket mentioned a fish trap, am I wrong in thinking that it was taken out or is it in the game and I've somehow never seen it?

  7. i really hope they will add the wardrobe. Cause I dont like carrying all my fav outfits with me all the time ^^

  8. Wow, after 3 months the devs might give us a wardrobe, how generous of them! Maybe it's still good for new players but for me the game died even though I was a fanatic for years. They don't communicate and I think their silence is due to them not having anything more to say, this is it bar a few bug patches. Take Scum for example, those devs are telling players exactly what's coming up, fantastic communication.

  9. I wish this game had a better external storage, to store anything, anything…
    Would be handy for those limited items, or if you wanna share stuff with friends on multiplayer.

  10. Oh farket😂😂😂😂” it looks like a wardrobe, that’s what I think it is at least, it’s Also called wardrobe …”

  11. Can you address in one of your videos that the devs need to fix log sleds on custom stairs and the boats are laggy on multiplayer and also dont allow you to place much on the boats

  12. I've watched a ton of guides and they are pointless I have the map that is all so pointless it doesn't give you open view like most Maps in games it just stays in your hand all small don't understand the point of the compass either I honestly don't know what else to do to try and improve not really seeing a point in the game play for a little bit guy start back at the same spot play for a little bit get no further die again trying to collect resources end the cycle just repeats over and over and over again the Molotov aim is garbage they don't work the aim on the dynamite is garbage that doesn't work

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