New Forest walks: Burley village

New Forest walks: Burley village

Today we’re in the village of Burley. A place rich in stories of smuggling,
witches and dragons. Burley has a thriving community spirit and at the heart of every good community
is a pub, which is where today’s walk
starts and ends. Between the end of June
and mid-September, a great way to get to Burley
is on the Red Route of the open top New Forest Tour. Leaving behind the bus stop
which marks the start of the route, we’ll mostly be using easy paths
and country lanes, working our way up to Castle Hill,
the site of an Iron Age hillfort. We’re now up on top of Castle Hill, the site of an Iron Age hillfort
over two and a half thousand years ago. You can still see the banks
and ditches in the earth behind us. You can see why they chose this spot
for a hillfort. In front of us we can see
a wide expanse of heathland which is fantastic habitat
for ground nesting birds, one of the special features found
in the New Forest. Birds including nightjar,
woodlark and Dartford warbler, make their nests on the ground
between March and July. So please keep to the main tracks
during this time, so as not to disturb them. If you’re visiting the Forest
in the autumn, you might be lucky enough
to see pigs roaming around. It’s a period known as pannage where pigs are turned out in the autumn
to hoover up the acorns. These acorns can be poisonous to ponies,
so it’s a great thing that they can do that. We’re back in Burley now
and it’s been a really enjoyable walk. In the 17th century, the lanes
and paths that we’ve just travelled through provided the perfect cover
for smuggling items such as tobacco, brandy and tea. The Queen’s Head pub was a
frequent stopping-off point for the smugglers and the highway men,
and that’s where I’m off to now. If you’ve enjoyed this video, please visit the National Park
Authority website where you can download this
walk route and many others.

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  1. I want to find every path walk with a bridge can’t find many but I’m sure there are hundreds. – in the new forest

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