47 thoughts on “Not to Touch the Earth

  1. I think that each and every cop who has a citizen who asks for the protection of Ammendmendment 36 even though I live in Florida they should immediately receive the help from that new law and the crooked cop should be publicly tried immediately by a group of his peers such as myself

  2. veo todo el mundo ardiendo en una fiesta pagana y a mefistofeles saliendo del infierno, las mujeres en una auténtico bacanal, esquizofrenia y psicosis por todos lados

  3. I watched a video about QOTSA and they referenced this song and I thought, "Yeah, you've got something there!" QOTSA, whether consciously or not, have given us a similar groove to this trippy sound. If you're a Doors fan and haven't checked them out, you probably should!

  4. Waiting for the sun.. An album that starts about loving a woman, the queen of the angels… Then it talks about love street, a place, with gardens and creatures.. Then a song about the earth. And the sun and the moon… And a lizard king. Then a song dedicated to summer. The morning comes and you're unaware, the noon burns gold into your hair, at night you swim in the laughing sea.. And winter is coming. Now it's winter time love. With winds that blow. The come from the north. The winter is cold, but his love during winter is warm… There's a un unknown soldier now. In war. With images on tv. Death. TV. War. It's all over… Moving into the caravan. The Spanish caravan. Takes him to a field, with rain. Lost at sea, there's a treasure, there's silver and gold in the mountains… Then a wild love goes to the dessert. And the sea. And the devil fools her. And takes her money. She kept going, till Christmas, and Japan, she's crazy. She wants to be heard… Now he's someone who could be great, but she lies.. Wicked lies….. The river is speaking to him now.. About how it flows. On and on. And how it breaths.. Under water.. The river knows this.. Believe him.. The river knows. He needs a little more time, because he promised he'd drown himself in wine… Now it's five to one. We can make it, if we try. They have guns, we have numbers.. Come together.

  5. My bodies caving in, my dog named Co is on high alert
    I think she sees the orbs
    Spreading out through out my hurts

  6. Stoned food for thought… Morrison name checks the Manson family..Diane Lake…the minister"s daughter…in love with the snake… research the spiral staircase house…67… evil..and yes…old Jimbo and Charlie were well aquainted

  7. Jim.was a symbolic, dark and bright person..lyricist visionary genius and charismatic and rebellious performer..very inspirin and intense as in this anguishin song..fantastic..

  8. what happened to the organ? Most of the Manzarek organ parts and solos have been stripped from this version – it's not the original!!!

  9. When I met John Densmore this song was playing in the background and we drummed to it on the table… I will never forget that day. Long live The Doors!

  10. Songs creepy man i imagine a abandoned 1920s or before mansion in the middle of nowhere at night high on strong hash and some lsd and seeing actual ghosts chasing you around the pitch black house with a candle

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