NRDC and Google for Nonprofits

NRDC and Google for Nonprofits

Resources Defense Council is one of the country’s
largest and most influential environmental advocacy
organisations. NRDC’s job is to
educate the public and build support for
environmental policy. KIM RANNEY: When we’re thinking
about how to tell a story or to get our message
out, we use Google tools at every step of the way. We’ll consider using
Google Maps, Google Earth or the YouTube channel
to promote a video. I will then use the Google
grant to help make sure that we’re getting maximum
visibility for what we’re doing. In the past seven years
that we’ve had the grant, we’ve driven 4.7 million
visits to our websites. And I think that’s
been an advertising value of over $2.6 million. During the first weeks
of the Gulf oil disaster, NRDC used the YouTube channel
to get compelling images from the Gulf region out to
as many people as possible. One video that we launched,
“Yours Truly, BP,” had over 100,000 views
without any paid marketing. PETER LEHNER: We’ve been
using Google Maps and Google Earth to make vivid some of
our environmental concerns. For example, which
beaches are polluted and which not, how
to figure out where to site energy facilities in
an environmentally sound way. MATTHEW MCKINZIE: One of
the most profound things about Google Earth is the way
that it presents gigabytes of satellite
imagery to everyone. It’s increased my
advocacy potential by allowing me to share the
data that we’ve collected. PETER LEHNER: The
opportunity to show something visually makes it much
more powerful, and frankly, much more understandable. MATTHEW MCKINZIE:
Google products have allowed me to be
far more productive and communicate more effectively
than I ever imagined. PETER LEHNER: When you’re
sending messages out into the world,
it’s hard to know whether you’re
having any impact. And the Google tools
help us figure out whether our message is
reaching our audiences. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Check out this video case study to see how the @NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) used Google tools like Google Ad Grants to drive over 4 million visits to their website. 

    See the whole case study here:

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