Ocala Outdoor Adventure Camp

Ocala Outdoor Adventure Camp

The Ocala Outdoor Adventure Camp occupies a fifty-seven acre peninsula on Lake Eaton
in the Ocala National Forest. This summer camp for boys and girls seeks
to provide campers with the necessary skills and knowledge to become better sportsmen and
women while instilling an awareness of firearms safety and wildlife stewardship. Greg Workman, Camp Director:
The campers spend a week here at the youth camp and during that time they have an opportunity
to do all kinds of outdoor activities. Narrator:
All campers enjoy fishing, canoeing, swimming, hiking and many other outdoor activities.
Outdoor skills and safety are taught through practical experience. Camp Counselor:
Alright, today we’re going to start off by doing the deep water recovery … Narrator:
An experienced camp staff together with knowledgeable FWC employees and volunteers provide educational
fun filled learning experiences. Camper:
It’s a really cool camp and they always welcome you they always make you happy if you’re sad
… you’re always jumping back up being happy and they’re really nice. Narrator:
Wildlife and environmental education basics are taught through fun, hands on activities
to inspire ethical and responsible behavior. Lacy McMinn, Assistant Camp Director:
The kids … the kids are the reason why I’m here. They learn so much. They’re some kids
that come here that never have shot a gun before. And they’re so shy and timid when
they get here and they’re so scared. And by Thursday and Friday when they’re out there
… and they just have the biggest smile on their face when they’re done. Camper:
The muzzle loader and the archery was lots of fun … and the 22 was fun … they were
all Fun. Narrator:
Facilities are rustic yet comfortable with air conditioned cabins and dining hall. Most
of the camp’s classrooms consist of the lake, docks, shooting ranges and natural areas.
Group activities are structured to encourage confidence, teamwork and leadership skill
building. Returning and older campers participate in
more advanced areas and can even complete their hunter safety certification by weeks
end. The camp has numerous ranges, including archery,
all designed to introduce youths to different aspects of firearm safety, hunter safety and
the shooting sports. Camper:
If I was going to recommend this camp I’d tell them that this is a good camp to go to
if you’ve never done hunting before and if you want to start it’s a great camp to come
to. Narrator:
The camp has been offering action packed adventures for more than fifty years and it wouldn’t
be complete without the signature mud hike. Lacy McMinn, Assistant Camp Director:
It’s actually a tradition that’s been going on since the camp opened, so they just kinda
… they get to get out there and get dirty. The task is over … let’s go play. Camper:
Awesome!!!!! Narrator:
These traditions continue each summer at the Ocala Outdoor Adventure Camp. To learn more
about the camp and how to register visit MyFWC.com.

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