Ocean of Love / Jagannath Puri 2020 (English subtitles)

Ocean of Love / Jagannath Puri 2020 (English subtitles)

Ozean of Love 🤦‍♀️🤣 Puri Ozean is very sacred. because Lord Caitanya was bathing in the ozean and many holy rivers flowing here in the ozean all of them flowing in here The story to the ocean Caitanya Mahaprabhu was bathing many times here in the ocean Every time when he did Sankirtan he came here and took a bath in the ocean One time in the evening he went for a walk the moon was reflecting on the water and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was thinking he is in Vrndavan and the water is the Yamuna he jumped full of ecstasy in the water and the waves you can hear so nicely took Chaitanya and he lost consciousness he lost consciousness he was deep under water then again on the waves he was moved by the waves and then a fisherman found him in his net the fisherman took him out Chaitanya’s limbs were totally deformed and he looked very strange and when the fisherman touched the body of Chaitanya he was calling Hari Hari Hari Hari! And the devotees they where already worried where is Chaitanya? they where already looking for him then they heard the fisherman who was running on the beach and danced and called out Hari Hari! And they ask if he saw Chaitanya? we are looking for him! he said no – I did not see Chaitanya but I found a body in the ocean and when I touched him a ghost entered my body don´t go close to this body otherwise this ghost will also attack you Svarup Damodar, one of the devotees so loud! (the waves) said to the fisherman I am an exorcist. I can get rid of the ghost and then he gave the fisherman a slap alone by touching Chaitanya the fisherman got the highest love to god Prema Bhakti! But he was thinking a ghost attacked him then the Fisherman showed the devotees where this body was and really – it was Chaitanya He was unconscious And the devotees start chanting It was impossible to carry the body of Lord Chaitanya Then they dressed him And slowly Chaitanya woke up Then Chaitanya told what happened That he saw Krishna in the Yamuna That he played with the Gopis it was a big water fight between the Gopis and Krishna Krishna and the Gopis went out of the water they dressed new cloth and made a picnic The Gopis had nice sweets and had flower garlands for Radharani Chaitanya was telling all of this and then he said and then you woke me up! out of this wonderful meditation where is my Krishna? where is Radharani? where is the Yamuna? I want to be back to Krishna And then Chaitanya left with his devotees doing Sankirtan this was the story when the ocean of Jagannath Puri swallowed Chaitanya Mahaprabhu And only by touching his body the fisherman got love for God and this ocean touched Chaitanya and when we touch this ocean we can also one time get love for God are we starting? always the ocean of Puri is a Maha Thirta a great holy pilgrim place and why it is holy? many reasons first of all – all holy rivers from India flowing in the ocean all rivers flowing in the ocean when you bath in the ocean is like taking bath in all holy rivers then Chaitanya Mahaprabhu also was bathing in this ocean and when he performed the Samadhi ceremony for Haridas Thakur The dead body of Haridas was washed in the ocean and then Chaitanya said now this ocean is pilgrim plaace before you are bathing in the ocean you should pay your respect and after that you can play around in the water but watch out – the waves are very strong it is also said that, taking bath in the ocean is so spiritual potent that it can free you… from the cicle of birth and death only by taking a dip in the ocean now we take a dip in the ocean when we take a bath in the ocean all our sins are forgiven and all offenses are forgiven and after that we should not make new offences but first get cleansed from the old ones means after that you will be always nice to me? the waves are very big here I try to get the next wave this wave looks good! ok this wave counts! more to come….

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  1. 🙏 Hare Krishna 🙏 Ihr macht so Wunderschöne Videos immer 🙏 Vielen Dank 🙏 Wie ihr mit den Wellen gekämpft habt hihi Herrlich 🙏 Haribol 🙏

  2. Jay Jagannatha! Wahrlich ein ekstatisches Video!!! Ich war 1997 zuletzt in Jagannath Puri und habe auch fleißig im Ozean gebadet!!! Ihr habt meine Erinnerungen wach gerufen und damit meinen Tag gerettet!!! Danke Euch dafür!!!

  3. Very nice story telling….awesome videography….May Lord Jagannath bless you🙏….Jai Jagannath🙏🙏🙌 from🇧🇩

  4. 🧡 Ach wie schöÖön! Dankeschön! Holy Dips… Wundervoll 🧡 Jaya Jagannath!
    Sri Krsna Caitanya prabhu nityananda sri advaita gadhadara srivasadi gaura bhakta vrinda 🧡
    Hare Krsna 🧡 Gauranga! Jaya Gaurahari! Jaya Prabhupada 🧡 Jai Sri Sri RadhaKrishna 🧡
    Hariiibooool 🧡 Sonnige Grüße und ganz viel gute Energien Euch allen 🧡

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