Odfjell Drilling: Deepsea Atlantic for harsh environments

Odfjell Drilling: Deepsea Atlantic for harsh environments

Oh the year is 2009 the world's ever-increasing need for new sources of oil demands rigs that can operate in ever harsher conditions pushing the limits of technology traveling the seven oceans of the world in extreme temperatures from the Arctic sea to the Indian Ocean operating ten thousand meters below sea level this is the future for oil recovery odd field drilling presents cutting edge technology with safety of our crew and surroundings as our top priority designed for environmentally sensitive areas and zero discharge the deep-sea Atlantic is a green rig that opens up new frontiers featuring the enhanced 2gv a 7500 built for operations in water depths up to 3,000 metres in harsh environments from minus 20 to plus 40 degrees Celsius dynamic positioning system and 60,000 horsepower to keep it steady a dual Derick facilitates simultaneous operations when time is of essence and your active heave compensating draw works to keep the drill bit firmly on the ground one of many backup systems to make sure this rig stays operational 24/7 this sixth-generation harsh environment deep water semi-submersible drilling units is a no compromise Dragan built for extreme weather conditions its efficiency and reliability is unparalleled ODL drilling presents the company's proudest moment deep-sea atlantic symbolizes the coming phase for the future the first of four new state-of-the-art drilling units ah DL drilling more than 35 years of international drilling experience you you

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