Oklahoma Agriculture

Oklahoma Agriculture

the agricultural community in Oklahoma is applauding the choice of former Georgia governor sonny Perdue for Secretary of Agriculture with the guidance of Purdue agricultural leaders hope president Trump will come to realize how important trade agreements are to Oklahoma as well as the need for immigrant workers during his campaign for presidency Donald Trump pledged to make sweeping changes to international trade agreements and frequently mentioned too that he opposes a trump administration will renegotiate NAFTA and if we don't get the deal we want we will terminate NAFTA and get a much better deal for our companies and our workers we will also immediately stop the job-killing trans-pacific partnership the executive vice president of the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association michael kelsey says Trump's comments about NAFTA the North American trade act have been worrisome NAFTA is has been very good to the beef industry canada and mexico are two largest trading partners we do great business with NAFTA assuming with Canada and Mexico under NAFTA from the beef industry Roy Lee Lindsay is the executive director of the Oklahoma port council he says NAFTA has been a game-changer for the pork industry the pork industry not 20 years ago we were in that aidan quarter of pork today with a second largest exporter forth around the world we are significant player globally with customers and and our customers start with Mexico and Canada NAFTA opened up trade between the u.s. Mexico and Canada in 1994 according to limpy the trans-pacific partnership that Trump has fast and vowed to quit once in office would have given us pork producers and even larger presence in asia pork is the most widely consumed meat in the world so the meat protein of choice around the world and you're talking about an area that it is their protein of choice when you talk about Asians and the Pacific we want to make sure that we have open access to the world's grocery store if you will so that includes like China we're very appreciative of the Obama administration negotiating with China we were very strong supporters of TPP the trans-pacific partnership because we believed that that opened the door for beef exports to a lot of those specific Rams Kelsey Lindsey and others interviewed for this story ho president Trump will come to better understand the intricacies of trade Kerry Diedrich is a farmer and rancher who has been a leader for Oklahoma agriculture interest we have to have trade and we have to have relationship with other nations and we have to maintain those relationships so I would urge president elect Trump to choose his words very carefully in referring to other nations because we're all in this globe together and we've got to cooperate and we're dependent upon other populations and their dependent upon us to feed them when it comes to immigration Deitrick believe mr. Trump will come to understand the importance of migrant workers I think he will realize this when it's brought to his attention that thousands and thousands of acres go unplanted or go unharvested without adequate immigrant labor it's a simple solution come with a an effective worker permit give them a permit to come in do what they come to do go back home agriculture leaders are enthused that former Georgia governor sonny Perdue has been picked by mr. Trump to be Secretary of Agriculture Oklahoma Congressman Frank Lucas I'm one of those folks who say that farmers and ranchers understand what they're doing give them the tools so that they can compete in the world and deal with mother nature and deal with market prices are on their control but let them farm and I am very hopeful that soon to be a designee Secretary of Agriculture Purdue will share that point of view Lucas and others are also hopeful that Oklahoma Scott Pruett be part of the trump administration as head of the EPA they say proven is the right person to untangle the web of unneeded regulations that are sorted the agriculture industry

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