29 thoughts on “Oregon governor sends police to find lawmakers who skipped climate vote

  1. Voting ror higher taxes ? This is what Republicans are trying to stop . the President is trying to lower taxes and drain the Democrats swamp !

  2. As an Oregon citizen, I am disgusted! IF IT'S BROWN, FLUSH IT DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When leftists have power, they become dictators, telling the citizens what they must do and what they must pay.

  3. This is what happened in the Soviet Union during the Stalin years. They would make there version of congress vote. Then if they didn't vote the way Comrad Stalin wanted they would wind up in the basement of Labeanka prison were they would be made to confess then taken to the outskirts of Moscow and shot and thown into a pit with 100s -1000s of others. Or if they were luck they were sent to the golag wich by the way is were Nasi germany got the idea for the camps from.

  4. how do you make ppl vote? hit them with hammers? you dirty ppl in government will start to be hanged and it won't stop, just a heads up.

  5. So in other words the Democrats climate bill is so bad that they could not even get 2 Republicans to support or even show up for it. The Democrats are so bad nowadays that this doesn't even surprise me.

    BE THE GOVERNMENT – stop letting others lead you.
    America will continue to suffer UNTIL "WE THE PEOPLE" stop letting others lead us and we REASSERT our leadership with true representation:

    had enough yet? TIME TO DISPLAY STRENGTH AND TAKE ACTION. Petition unresponsive leaders and judges out of office now. You are next. There is no time left, soon even your freedom for petition will be gone. Elections are already a loss. Wield your "We the people" power.

  7. Ginny says "we go by the rule of law" – Ginny is a bit giddy – Democrats don't obey the laws, they go around them to give themselves more money.

  8. Good. Should be illegal to deny global warming. We all have a part to play to fix the problem, if people are too selfish and ignorant to see the bigger picture, then this is what it should come to

  9. All I can say is there must be something else very bad and very important behind this bill for her to go to that extreme. We all know it is not just about climate change, that is just the tip of the ice berg to get something else rolling right behind it and the tax is just the beginning of more to come. To take these kind of measures is a pretty good clue that if this is how extreme she will go to get this done just think how extreme it will be on citizens once they get other things in place, next they will be sending police to round up and arrest the people. I am sick of this government!!

  10. Rule of law ? When is it a law that you can use your position as a governor to arrest and haul a Senator to sit in a forum if he or she refuses ?….Never heard of that law like that ever being on the books ……But it sure sounds like an abuse of power ……..on the governors part .

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