friends I need you to look at my shoes very closely okay this one okay this one is a little bit big hmm yeah I know it's a different shoe right because one shoe does not fit all and when it comes to palette and palette gardening once you did not fit all in fact they may not even fit at all and they may look very different I love my palettes I do in fact we built a whole chicken coop for the right birds out of pallets yeah I love them and I will even admit we are indeed palette collectors because we use on this off-grid homestead a lot of pallets because they serve many functions and I like maybe many of you had dreams of creating pallet garden pallet gardening oh and I know where to get all the free pallets in the world so I'm going to just look at a YouTube video and do what they do and create I'm going to create that one and I'm gonna I'm gonna grow like that yeah Wow now that's some serious music and that's a smashed pallet whose smashing pallets around here who has the guts to smash a pallet and tell us the truth hey that lovely lady she looks pretty innocent but I tell ya as soon as she uploaded that video I could not believe I felt like I was in in like some type of Recovery Group I said to myself look there's someone else who don't like the pallets for gardening who actually recognizes the truth that pallet gardening and is fun as you think and ain't as successful as you think and probably shouldn't even be considered for a homestead and my girlfriend Patera hey guys welcome to Appalachian homestead she did it she told it just the way it is and she took the little unicorns and poof got rid of them so now I got I can do another testimony because you friends need to hear the truth about the fantasy palates come out here and I'm going to show you that my fantasy pallet garden that was supposed to kind of look like this we did all the right things looks like looks like this right now hmm looks like a bunch of weeds growing out of it stary yeah it's kind of a weed collector now and actually we use it for erosion control see look it's kind of holding up that that wall there but this is the fantasy that I want to talk about because pallet gardening really is a fantasy of that you know what I really believed I really believed it mister Hilda believed it so what did we do we went to the recycling center and got ourselves some pallets a whole bunch of pallets because it was a great idea and we did what they told us to do and this you know this was our plan because YouTube cuz YouTube said you know just get the palates they're free fill it up with soil so you know we went and purchased three bags of soil because we're thinking three bags of soil you know that's a reasonable purchase we could afford that because it's going to give us vertical gardening it's going to fill up a dead space in the we can grow food it took like three bags to fill up one pallet and pretty soon our idea of making pallet walls of food now we we had oh we did three three and we had them all lined up we did three because that's all the soil that we could afford so that was like a a wake-up call retic so there's a reality there it takes a lot of soil they don't talk about how much soil it takes no and then they now talk about the other things like watering okay think about container gardening they all warn you when you do a container garden you should know this by now container gardening takes extra water that container dry out faster they need to be watered more and we all know you can hear the water right that's liquid gold water is valuable you do a pallet that baby sucks up the water it sucks it up and sucks it up and sucks up because especially when you have it in that nice vertical position and you're well when you grow upward in a pallet really hard to water really hard you spray on that water and then it just kind of it just kind of you know just rolls off it just doesn't suck in and and you try to get it on the top when you have it upright well it takes a lot of water from the top to go down to reach the bottom layers and you can spray it on the surface bad watering system they don't tell you that either or but you know you can you can you can be really creative and y-you know you could put little pipes down there and little feeder um tubing why why are we going through all this effort for a stupid pallet hello hello there's some practicality when you are growing food and you want to feed your family so there's some of the things that they post on Pinterest and YouTube that makes it sound like the unicorn life right right so you know I'm talking homesteading feeding your family let's be practical I tell you I fell into that trap and that's why that palette is there and the rest of them are rotted and gone so here's the other thing the longevity and the self sustainability of a pallet okay even if you're doing herbs and lettuce and maybe spinach that ain't creating soil that soil needs to be fed somehow because year after year if that pallet even survives year after year because the life of the pallet is only probably three four years five years at the most preferred starts falling apart it's wood it's wood it's not protracted it's not treated it's going to rot that soil also needs to be fed it needs to be fertilized because what happens after one year of gardening well if you're not doing something like a back to Eden garden method and then you're layering manure and all that stuff on there that soil is going to be depleted so now we have to somehow feed that soil we're not putting chicken poop on top of a pallet that is up and down no you know how do you do that you just stick the pooping in into the slots no so you got to feed it with chemical fertilizer or some type of liquid stuff and maybe you get organic and that's fine but more money well those free pallets are really getting expensive now you see and that was my frustration because when I invested all this time and energy and I invested in buying soil I thought man this is a really bad idea I can't believe we went down this road I can't believe I was suckered into this okay friends we're moving inside now because we have to do a real quick story safety check yes even though I like to think outside the box too and I have with my gardening I use tires and that's going to be another day and another video we will discuss that we're discussing palates right now I really need your friends to sit down and consider the safety also of palates because it's not as cut and dry as you think yeah see I believe in honesty and just you laying it out on the line so you friends and get it I'm not twisted anybody armed but when it comes to palate you need to open up your mind in and think about palettes – we don't think our palettes are just wood they're just wood kiln dry they're safe really number one wood is very porous so even if you have the right logo now pallets have logos on them and the logos mean different thing HT means heated heat treated or kiln dried MB means methyl bromide methyl bromide is bad stuff and they still even though they don't use it a lot there are still pallets out there treated with em B now this is the other thing you have to consider when they're shipping say even the right logoed pallet that is heat treated or kiln drying what's what's dripping what's dripping on these paths what if they are shipping chemicals what if they're shipping food think about this food that that could transmit a variety of bacteria into that porous pallet and then you put it into your garden so there is a high risk with pallet gardening you know in these YouTube videos they're not showing you or discussing the risks that are they cuz here's one I found and how to make a pallet planter and it sounds so easy you could use a full pallet for this but to keep the weight manageable we cut it down to a smaller no of course you know cut it down to a smaller size you think and then you know just make your lines and then measure it and then you put the the top side down and staple that fabric down look at that how easy it is and then you fill it with lots of boughten you know soil mix oh yeah doesn't it sound great yeah yeah yeah and you know look at and they've got the right logos on there too it's an HT sounds great and then they can put their their garden herbs in there and their little flowers and then you can even hang it up on the wall all look at that and it's supposed to look like that in the end it's going to stay like that forever well I don't know what that palette was what shipped on that palette I don't know and that really worries me because if it's HT it's not protected so if chemicals were shipped on that HT palette oh that could be leaching read into that beautiful lettuce see friends it's not as cut and dry as you think and that's why story is here and people like Patera and people like Deep South homes that we're here to tell you the truth beware it's not all about the unicorns okay so we're going to say goodbye to the palette and just say before you really seriously think about using palettes for your garden do a little research consider my video consider Pateras video and really think long and hard about it because we both have successful homesteads we're living a self sustainable lifestyle we're growing lots of food and guess what we're not using pallets so think about it just remember one shoe hey doesn't fit all yeah I know I still have it on hmm and one palette doesn't fit all purposes but my palettes but not so much for gardening god bless and thanks for Tara for the video get rocked and go check it out

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  1. I just had to watch you again girl I just love you so much heard that life is changing for you I can relate to that I can so relate to that but you're beautiful girl and just have the utmost of love for you love love love and I hope you're doing wonderfully

  2. Omgoodness…..the best show I saw so far….i had a big belly laugh over the pallets…lmao…Starry, I just started wstching your V Log..lolol..another good one. Sorry for your loss of that mountain…yoh seem to be doing tzkes time…I live in SE pensylvania, you are always welcome here for a visit…I am woman and live aLone as well.. You could help me set this ole house up … plus I would just enjoy your enthusiam about life…I live in the country….and just retired… in good heath..2 grown kids.. and I have a big kitty….shes my buddy.. you r the bestest. Take care….baby steps…I went thriugh it 2xs….ugh…

  3. You crack me up! As I watch you after loading pallets on top of my jeep because Ima gonna do it! Oh boy note to self… thank you . This was a good idea.. WHOOPS ok rabbit poop no big spoon … you're great! Tires? Oh no.. not organic…. logos thank you mb? Thank you thank you

  4. Thanks for talking me out of it, I was just about to use one for strawberries. Guess I will rethink my strawberry plantings.

  5. Not only what you said, but, if the pallet came from over seas, it may have been sprayed with a pesticide, to kill unwanted bugs getting transported from one country to another. Also with overseas shipping, some companies may spray an anti rust inhibitor on untreated area's of machinery which would drip onto the pallet. Also, that pallet may have been set in some grease, motor oil, chemical, etc. that you don't want your herbs or veggies growing in. I wouldn't advise pallets.

  6. great informative video again. I am not surprised that there is not much "luck" in growing stuff on a pallet. if it worked people would have been doing it a long time ago, Love Joyce

  7. tell it, lady 😀
    those things always llok so nice, hoever when I looked into the building I realized may be half the hight could work, but that was not worth it to me….. thanks for the truth info!

  8. Love the unicorns!!! I love you and Patero. I loved all the videos that you did when you were in Tennessee and the ones of the deer and the one of Mr. Hilder getting the knives. I love all your videos. They are great. Keep up the good work love you

  9. sorry for the dumb question, but is this the same as gardening on a raised bed? i love the neat look….but im new to gardening so i have no idea what im talking about lol

  10. Glad we read this we were ready to do a pallet herb garden. Can buy a lot of fresh herbs for the cost of the soil and plants. Will go ahead and put them in pots. Thanks so much.

  11. People also use them for compost bins and they are horrible for that as well, they break down quickly and you end up with a mess, some garden wire fence in a circle is what I switched to and they last for years…………great video and well presented dialog.

  12. From a distance pallets ROT! Here in Florida everything ROTS! That's a huge reason why back to Eden gardening is such a great thing. I uses rot to our advantage!

  13. Starry ty for the heads up. Im in Central Florida and stuck for now in an HOA community. HOA wont allow back yard or even front yard gardening in the ground. BUT I do container garden alot, I do have a big container that I am making soil which has been doing great with loads of worms. Plus I am also growing a few pallet gardens which yes HTwood which hubby also had sanded down. This is 3rd year same pallets being used no rot yet and I use for my herbs plus he built a table next to the BBQ for a work station. I hear what your saying and this year screw thew HOA we are planting tomatoes and peppers around the house as you would plant flowers. Along with one pallet with kale and some greens for our rabbit. ITs a project. Ive never had problems with pallet gardening in 3 years but ill watch and see what happens ty good advice. ty

  14. Funny teacher, If I could send you my latest pictures of my pallet(s), you would be soooo amazed. I have made a beautiful coop with it. Wood will be eaten by termites around it if it touches soil. Not a good idea.


  16. So i have pallets in my garden and i used it to put my tomatoes and my it bad to have them in there..because i got the pallets in office places..but they are going pretty good my plants.

  17. Not for gardens but we made a wonderful chicken coop, pig den and goat shelter with pallets🌻

  18. built a barn with Pallets worked well but that is all !!!!!!                    Blessings  Paul & Susan North Georgia

  19. I have never wanted to try pallet gardening, because I used to work at an auto parts store they stored leaking nasty car batteries. YES!! Not something you want to grow in. The batteries went off to the recycler.. what did they do with the pallet??

  20. Yep, they do not work! I had one on my deck for flowers, and it was ok, but it would dry out so quickly! And it does take so much soil. I think people are easily sucked into Pinterest ideas. I grow 1,800 square feet of food and hundreds of flowers every year, using time-tested, research-based methods that work. Everybody I meet who says they are getting into gardening, the first thing I tell them is to use plug trays! Just buy plug trays and some good Fox Farm organic seed starting mix, and you'll have a great start. No egg shells, toilet paper tubes, or other stupid things found on the internet. 😛

  21. you said in the beginning of video, you built a chicken coop for your meat birds out of the pallets, do you have video on it or can you make video how you did it. Thank you

  22. What an informative video! What do you think about making a raised bed garden with cement blocks instead of wood?

  23. Didn't work for me on the side of a shed, took them down and made in row window flower bed and stacked them up the wall, worked much better and more room for herbs to grow upward as I was able to space farther apart.

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