Organic Gardening for Children

Organic Gardening for Children

tomatoes are green now but in the process of ripening to a bright beautiful red we love them on our sandwiches and in our salads peanuts are one of our favorite legumes and they grow in pods under the soil when the plant leaves turn yellow the pods are ready to be picked today when the families come they're going to arrive and the first thing we're gonna do is fill up the soil and plant a bed of lettuce and mustard greens and spinach so the kids will help out and their parents will help out too and then after that we're going to harvest a lot of stuff eggplants peppers help me on tomato basil yeah a lot of garden produce that we're going to give to the chef's the sacred food guru who's going to be helping us prepare meal yeah we're going to be cooking some stuffed bell peppers today it was really exciting we're also going to send home families with surplus produce that we've harvested we've used to cook with and then we'll send them home with the recipe and whatever produce they think they're going to be able to eat we always have lots and whatever else we have left we donate to Mary in this kitchen oh yeah put them in the bag and then we use this maybe when I pay there's still people so we're gonna take turns epidemis Catalina is gonna go first that make Savior and then tweeted us all the carrots demonstrate for us okay what you gonna do you gonna hold it down low really literally really low you gotta wiggle it first wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle you gotta wiggle it there's a really pulley you know this is a roly-poly there you go okay you gotta shake the dirt out of the roof see the who the part that we eat is the stem right so let me eat it we take all the leaves off we're gonna play game I'm so impressed you guys like the green so much oh absolutely Nadia Owen went to cheat them sup you say thank you not know these have a very important job in the garden they move pollen from the statement to the pistol within the flower and also from one flower to another this act pollination is critical for fertilization and allows flowers to become fruit without pollinators like honey bees and native bees we wouldn't have all the food we love to eat so before we harvest we have to thank the pollinators trellis so well and that's fine they've been great that's just a little bit harder to find the tomatoes these are the green black cherries and we want them to be this okay why do you lie we want them to be this color so we need some bags or baskets which I will get maybe with I'll be right back we have a black cherry tomato don't eat it yet black cherry baby yet here we have a son gold don't eat it yet I want you to close your eyes actually you don't have to close your eyes just try one at a time and tell us which ones you like better let's try it wait which one are we trying first jungle one two three herbs are a delightful addition to any meal adding flavor and nutrition that may be lacking the Washington youth garden grows many culinary and medicinal herbs like thyme or oregano sage lavender mint lemon balm and basil to name a few every vegetable has seeds which means they all must have flowers even lettuce has flowers a gardener or farmer will harvest lettuce before it flowers unless they are growing it to save the seeds the children are learning to loosen and aerate the soil with cultivators and play loose leaf lettuce that would be ready in the fall the lettuce is really easy to plant especially if you're planting the loose leaf lettuce because we don't need to do it in rows and we don't need to worry about the spacing too much because they can be really post together as long as there's enough vitamins in the soil which serious okay what we're gonna do is we're gonna just I think that it's okay if there's a blend and these things kind of mix together but we're here holding art in one plot so that we're gonna all work together in this first square on three ready ready on three one two three sugar cane requires a tropical or temperate climate it can grow up to 18 feet tall it's the world's largest crop by production quantity what a surprise alpine strawberries produce berries all summer long all right how do you think you plant a potato if you wanted to grow a potato yourself how would you do it just break it off so you don't need to use the seeds right you can take this potato and put and you can you can cut it up into three pieces implanting I'm gonna show miss meow meow shower bro Wow right that's a Harlequin beetle you found radishes carrots beets and potatoes are all root crops because you eat what grows in the ground she's graciously come to teach us a little bit about what she knows she's a super nutritionist right so today she came up with a recipe and it's all all of the ingredients are from the garden and black pepper oh and then tomato paste which we're going to be using a little bit one second if I can have your attention stove for a little bit longer today we're going to be making stuffed red peppers or green peppers so we're gonna be using Siobhan's awesome method of grilling which I'm sure she'll teach us about and our stove top so she might ask you guys to help like I'm seeing now which is great and I'm sure there's gonna be some points where she's just gonna want you all to pay attention and listen to her as she talks right so we'll just listen to what she says and then in a little while we'll enjoy a delicious meal together so let's all welcome her with a round we'll just kind of mix it man we've got some more Malabar spinach thank you so much that's leaning you're gonna do this Tomatoes would you like them so we're gonna take off the green part the green parts can stay in the book in that half hearts can go in here alright so my friend Xavier I know that Peyton is working on the onion I think maybe we can work on the culinary herbs okay we'll start with that so I'm going to show you I'm going to demonstrate the first one okay yeah this is the sharpest and you know when you do that guess what it doesn't roll around so that's always helpful and then we're gonna take the middle piece here yeah we're gonna clean it and core it so we're gonna get all the sea you know I'm just kind of take your hands that's a lady that's good thank you we're just gonna shake that off and we're gonna add you know my based upon what we have I mean when I had a little okay and then we're gonna add some fresh oregano and basil yeah perfect that's gonna make some very mystic yeah we've got to add something that kind of break it up you see how it's kind of thick yeah yeah so we need to add some water to it just kind of lessen your honor I'm gonna sweet the two that would be great thank you so much we're almost making like a kitchen like an Italian ketchup one of the consistency of from flower to fruit the okra plants in all its glory okra is great in soup jambalaya and stew this is our fabulous eucalyptus people come to the garden and they say how do you grow eucalyptus tree that big around here doesn't it die in the saw in the winter we have no idea well my name is Anna and I'm the education coordinator here at the Washington youth garden and I'm Nadia from the garden manager and today was the last day of our family program for this summer yes we had a lot of families out our programs called growing food growing together and every first Saturday of the month that we have families that come out and do some garden work harvest produce and we have a special gift guest chef that comes and teaches us how to prepare the food and then they go home with a bag of oh if you're a teacher in the area and you want to bring your class out for a field trip we have field trips that run from April through November so come by bring your class sign up for one of our field trips and we'll have a scavenger hunt and harvest is delicious snaps on the garden together you

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