Our GARDENING METHODS Containers Easy Composting Woodchips Back to Eden

Our GARDENING METHODS Containers Easy Composting Woodchips Back to Eden

hi I'm Robbie hi I'm Gary our channel here on YouTube is on our lives here in Southern California how we've taken a piece of land that nobody could grow on and if we've changed it that we have turned it into our paradise with more food than we can possibly use but our animals can eat it our friends and family can eat it and we compost to my husband's taken his skills and his knowledge of learning how to work the garden by laying woodchips and changing the soil for the better me I'm a little more lazy so I'm not really working that much with the woodchips myself I'm actually doing a lot of container gardening which is easy cuz I'm into easy and fast so what you're getting from us is multiple ways of gardening whether you want to go on a big scale you want to go heavy-duty digging and moving woodchips or you want to just dump and grow you're gonna get both ways of how you can garden the easiest and the best way for you and I want to promote everybody to grow something in their yard whatever he has changed the soil and I think I have done a lot with containers by composting in place no bins no turning no moving composting in place growing food in decaying food and you know what's best of all it's easy I'm into easy and fast I'm gonna let the garden work for me and as far as the birds I feed the birds I feed nature they come in my garden and eat we put out hummingbird food for them for the hummingbirds and I'm gonna tell you we are totally organic the birds have gotten rid of all the insects almost not almost all of them you know they'll always be a little bit but we have not had any tomato hornworms we have very few insect problems and we all work together we work with nature and nature works with us so please like and subscribe love your comments we do the best to get back to as many as we can and we also are into humor I don't need a net anymore so please like and subscribe and don't forget to cry bye bye

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18 thoughts on “Our GARDENING METHODS Containers Easy Composting Woodchips Back to Eden

  1. Looks like my kind of gardening. I'll be watching. I am, too, tending to abandoned land and I already see worms where nothing lived before. Its fun to see how fast Nature responds to TLC.

  2. Hi Robbie and Gary, such a beautiful paradise, new subscriber to your channel please subscribe back to mine

  3. We followed your advice on everything. Our birds take care of the bugs. We didn’t have any hornworms either.

  4. you guys were the first ones i came across in my searches for composting and so far i love your method more then any others out there. started making compost tea and thanks to you i now make chocolate mint tea (im addicted and even my twin 2year olds love it) so thank you and keep up the amazing videos!

  5. You two are wonderful and inspiring. I got my first load of woodchips a few weeks ago. It was all inspired by your channel. Thank you

  6. I never saw the pics of before the woodchips wow its amazing what you two have accomplished.. 🙂 love the composting in place brilliant!

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