24 thoughts on “Outrage after Israeli education minister backs "gay conversion" therapy

  1. Its ok if you don't support lgbt. You don't have to support a lifestyle. But you can't use that as an excuse for violence.

  2. I'm a Homophobe but I'm also a Christian, I try to be nice to gay people but alot of them are rude to me because I'm a Homophobe and a Christian, It's okay to be a Homophobe, but I don't preach hateπŸ€”

  3. People who do not want to be gay should be able to have access to therapy — over the age 18. If you can get medical services to turn a boy into a girl or vica versa on demand, which shouldn't be done under 18 either, then medical services should be available for changing sexual behavior, too.

  4. So I see people calling gay people 'Sodomites' – I'd love to hear ANYONE explain to me how they're using Sodom & Gomorrah to condemn gay people since the only instance which even remotely hints at men having sex with men is the attempted gang rape scene. Would you guys be condemning all heterosexuals if it was a group of men trying to rape a woman instead. By the way, the term "to know" in that passage can only be found when speaking of angels so the mob knew Lot's visitors were not men.

  5. Stupid religion is stupid!
    Poison people mind! Desert fake cult!
    Better throw all idiots back to middle east, no matter they are arabics or jews!

  6. Judaic extremists are just as scary as their Islamic counterparts. They simply have more financial influence with world leaders.

  7. Yeah, Israelis are stereotyped as hyper-religious and conservative but compared to the US/Canada they're fairly liberal on issues like gays and gun control.

  8. The idiot also equated marriage between Jews and none Jews to the holocaust .

    Regressive = Reactionary
    Regressive = Conservative
    Regressive = Psodoscince
    Regressive = Authoritarian
    Regressive = Pollution
    Regressive = Inequality
    Regressive = War
    Regressive = Religiosity
    Regressive = Traditional
    Regressive = Superstition
    Regressive = Racism
    Regressive = Tribalism
    Regressive = Slavery
    Regressive = Supremacy
    Regressive = Illogical
    Regressive = Antiscience
    Regressive = Misogyny
    Regressive = Child abuse
    Regressive = Syndicated crime
    Regressive = Lies
    Regressive = Ethnic cleansing
    Regressive = Terrorism
    Regressive = Fascism
    Regressive = Fear of the other
    Regressive = Monocultural
    Regressive = Ethno-nationalistic
    Regressive = Nepotism
    Regressive = Fake Populism
    Regressive = Group identity
    Regressive = Pedophilia
    Regressive = Cronyism
    Regressive = Favoritism
    Regressive = Bias
    Regressive = Social discrimination
    Regressive = Animosity
    Regressive = Aggression
    Regressive = Despotism
    Regressive = Tyranny
    Regressive = Cult personality

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