Outstanding Agriculture Small Business: Drew’s Honeybees

Outstanding Agriculture Small Business: Drew’s Honeybees

( ♪♪♪ ) We’re Drew’s Honeybees. We’re a natural organic skincare company and we produce fine skincare products that
nourish your skin the way nature intended. When I was younger, I loved insects. I was just enamored with them. I had my own favorite ant colony. I started keeping bees
about a decade ago. I have about 55 hives
and each one has about 50,000 bees. They’re integral to our food supply
through pollination and our industrialized
agricultural system. Natural and organic products are much
less likely to cause an adverse reaction. There’s very little regulation
of the cosmetic industry and you can put in some ingredients that
are stuff you’d rather not have on your skin. He’s shown tremendous success
in getting the product placed both retail stores and he’s developed
an online retail presence. SCORE has the unique ability to call upon
people with expertise in your field which was hugely helpful
because I didn’t have a lot of education or knowledge
about the skincare industry. I would have never
had undertaken this journey had I not had the advice
and counsel of my mentors. I’ve really grown as an individual. It’s been a really difficult
but rewarding growth process. I am fascinated by
and love working with honeybees and now, thanks to SCORE, I am able
to work with honeybees full-time and try to build an
organic natural skincare brand. ( ♪♪♪ )

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