“NYSea” Official Video

A challenge that faces NYC is overpopulation in schools and colleges from immigrants from other countries or states coming into Americaaaa….yeah. In hopes of economic and political prosperity, Lots of ethnic neighborhoods With all different minorities yeah Connecting lake Erie To the Great Lakes A financial capital Decreasing the cost of goods. NYCity Pop culture, […]

6 by 6 Finger Plays: Fish In The Ocean

-I am Susan from the Corinth Neighborhood Library and this is a song about the fish in the ocean. So, start out by being sharks. (singing) The sharks in the sea go chomp chomp chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp! The sharks in the sea go chomp chomp chomp, in the ocean. (speaking) Now […]

PEDRO SOARES – Rainforest Kids Challenge

Hi, I’m Pedro, and I work at IDESAM – the Institute of Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Amazon. The IDESAM is located in the city of Manaus, in Brazil. There, we work to answer basically one question: what can we do to help protect the Amazon forest? What we’ve learned in these past few […]

Great Ocean Road – This is Australia

Great Ocean Road, Twelve Apostes here we come three two one… one more time please… go… go… sorry… sorry… go I don’t really sorry just kidding guys because I have like 20 different good shots you know I love these kind of pictures you know you got a Eiffel tower like that you know or […]

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