MEXICAN DADS | Mexican Wildlife

-To survive in the wild, one must be tough, fearless and have the ability to adapt. One of the few mammals that possesses those traits is none other than the Hispanic father. Much like the honey bees who work up to 12 hours a day, tending to their honeycombs, the Hispanic father also works a […]

Waking Up forest scene

why are we here? Because we choose to be No, I mean why are we here in the forest? Nature is good for you gives you energy The trees, the plants, the grass and the air gives you what you need. You’ve been a sleep over hundred years you know. Yeah, I know. It will […]

This is why Amazon is so cheap.

This video is sponsored by CuriosityStream. Get access to my streaming video service, Nebula, when you sign up for CuriosityStream using the link in the description. About a month ago, Jeff Bezos announced that his company, Amazon, donated 1 million dollars towards the Australian fire relief efforts. For the average person, 1 million Australian dollars […]

CARLOS NOBRE – Rainforest Kids Challenge

Tropical forests in the Amazon, Equatorial Africa and South Asia are being destroyed by our human activities. They urgently need our help. Tropical forests are the biological heart of our planet. They are home to millions of different plants and animals, most of those not known to us. They also help fighting climate change by […]

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