Is Electric Fishing Cheating Our Oceans?

Electric pulse fishing, a giant net attached to a fishing boat laden with electrodes, is dragged across the seabed producing an electric field in the water. It shocks the fish on the seafloor which then float up to the surface for fishermen to scoop up. In some ways, it’s an improvement over commercial fishing methods […]

OceanMOOC | 2.2 | Changes in Ocean Circulation

Welcome. We’re going to learn about why the ocean circulation is changing, what are the driving forces behind it and the mechanisms. We’re going to look at variabilities like monsoon systems and the El Nino phenomena. When the amount of sunlight we see that the ocean surface or the winds change, the ocean circulation will […]

The ocean is bristling with scale worms

Imagine just about any habitat in the ocean – from the tiny spaces between sand grains to the vast open waters – and you’ll find scale worms living there. Of the nearly 20,000 species of segmented worms known today, nearly 10 percent are scale worms. What makes this group of worms so successful? Researchers at […]

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