Peaceful Valley Got Solar Panels To Promote Renewable Energy

Peaceful Valley Got Solar Panels To Promote Renewable Energy

Hi I’m Tricia an organic gardener. I grow
organically for healthy and safe food supply, for clean and sustainable
environment, for an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Here in California we have a natural
energy source, our big beautiful powerful sun. A few years ago we decided to take
advantage of this natural energy and we invested in solar panels. We wanted to
be independent from our monthly power bill as well as reduce our carbon
footprint. As you may know most of the electrical power in America is generated
by nuclear, natural gas and coal, which have been the cause of much of the
degradation of our environment. Installing a solar power system is one
of the smartest things that you can do for your home your business and for the
environment. I’m here to share our story. Over the years as homeowners and
business owners, Eric and I researched the cost of installing a solar system for
home and work. On paper we found that we would pay no more for our 10 year loan,
on a monthly basis, than we would pay to our California power company for
electric bill. After the 10 years when the loan will be paid off we would have had no electric bill for
the next 15 to 20 years. Prices of electricity will be de facto locked forever
while repaying the loan. In 2013, the cost to purchase install and maintain a
system at our home became very affordable. As a power company increases
its rates our savings are just gonna be greater and greater. After more than two
years of having our solar system installed we have paid $0 to the power
company to power our residence. This made it a no-brainer to start shopping for
solar systems for our business. Here in our business, at Peaceful
Valley Farm and Garden Supply, our power bills have been averaging $30,000 per
year. We decided to shop around to get several bids for solar installation. The
benefit to this is that you always learn something new from each company and you become educated on the topic. This is important because they are many
types of systems and many types of companies selling components which are
made in all parts of the world. Also the federal government offers tax
credits to homeowners and businesses when they install solar power. Check with
your CPA to determine how much you will save and if there is a tax savings
program in effect at the time you purchase. The tax credits have been
extended for five years and will start to step down in 2020. For example the
2015 tax credit equaled 30% of the total system cost and as a business we
are also eligible for an accelerated depreciation. Again check with your tax
preparer or local agency. California Solar is local and we want to support
the people who are involved in our community. They really know their
industry. They were the installers for most of the other solar sales companies
in our area until they decided to sell full systems themselves. We had 8 solar installers up on the roof
installing the panels for about a week. We then moved inside installing the
inverters and hooking the inverters up to the electric utility. The entire process took
about two weeks and there is little to no interruption to business at Peaceful Valley. They have been in
business since the year 2000 and as an elite SunPower dealer their authorized
to sell and maintained SunPower panels which we believe are the best. These
panels are guaranteed for 25 years, they’re the most productive panels with
the slowest rate of degradation. Cal Solar is dedicated to advancing the
solar industry and developing best practices for installation methods and
are competitive on price. We feel we purchase the best system at a fair price.
I’m here in our warehouse where the inverters are installed. This solar
system is gonna save Peaceful Valley about $30,000 a year and it will pay for
itself in five years. Not only will it save money, it will reduce our carbon footprint. The installation will generate 67,000 kilowatt
hours of solar electricity. That will completely offset the financial costs of
Peaceful Valley’s charges from the utility. We did our homework when researching
solar power installation and so should you. This video is designed to give you a
glimpse into our personal experience. Check with a professional solar company to
find out what the benefits will be for you. California Solar shares the same
sustainable values and recognizes Peaceful Valley and their long history of serving
and supporting local gardens and food production. We look forward to working together in
the future. Thank you for watching, please subscribe to our channel, share this Video and follow us at the sites below. Don’t forget to like this video!

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6 thoughts on “Peaceful Valley Got Solar Panels To Promote Renewable Energy

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. You're right – doing research is key! Sunpower panels…THAT was a tidbit I take away from your video.

  2. You are so awesome, always sooo helpful!!! I am a little farmer and want to power my well water pump by solar but I'm afraid of robbers, any advice on this?

  3. Livestock, the meat & poultry industry also have an enormous carbon footprint. (also the large amounts of water forbthe animals)

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