Penguins Need Cleaner Oceans

Penguins Need Cleaner Oceans

There are 18 species of penguins.
They all live in the southern hemisphere. And they are loyal, they’re brave,
and determined. Global Penguin Society or GPS is an
international organization dedicated to promote the protection of all the
penguin species on our planet. To help penguins cope with the main threats they
are facing we work through science, management of penguin habitats,
and education. With that information
we partner with landowners where penguins live, and also with governments
to create protected areas on land and also in the ocean
where penguins feed. One of the main problems for penguins
is that they are not only marine animals, they are also animals that live on land. So they accumulate threats
not only in the ocean, but also on land. So plastic pollution is affecting penguins
in many different continents and in many different ways. We found penguins that get entangled in
different kinds of plastics, and it is very sad
when we go to the penguin colonies, which are theoretically pristine areas
and we found a female or a male incubating eggs or taking care of
small chicks and there are many plastic pieces not only in the nests,
but also in the surroundings. The fate of our planet depends
on the health of the oceans. The oceans are critical for the subsistence,
not only of human beings, but also all the wildlife. The oceans provide food and oxygen,
and they regulate the weather in the entire planet. So a healthy ocean
is a productive ocean.

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36 thoughts on “Penguins Need Cleaner Oceans

  1. Yknow whats crazy? If yall just made longer videos, yall could make money to pay your workers 🤣 instead yall ask money for bracelets

  2. Congratulations 4Ocean.👍
    It confuses the hell out of me that most of the world's leader's and county's population are so short sighted about global warming and pollution.
    Wouldn't it be better to clean up our problems Now, rather than ignore it for the next generations.
    edit: 100K. Way to go 🌎🌍

  3. This makes me feel so sad, but it's good that they're people out there that really want to help the penquins👍. #savethepenquins…

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