Penn State researcher uses teamwork to combat bullying in schools

Penn State researcher uses teamwork to combat bullying in schools

– In schools today, we
see a number of results from students being bullied. Some of those are seen in
the classroom with academics. We see a decrease in interest in academics or performance, decrease in attendance, a difficulty in developing
positive relationships and connections in school. Just an overall sense
of an unsafe environment when bullying is taking place in schools. Team building is a great way
to naturally decrease bullying in the schools and make kids feel like they’re part of something bigger. Ultimately, they want
to be part of that team. They want to help other
people on their teams. When students feel connected
and like they’re part of something bigger than themselves, the likelihood that they will behave in inappropriate ways or in
malicious ways goes down. We had this idea that we knew worked. We just needed the
know-how and the experience to put us into the market
and Invent Penn State was the network and support
system that could do that. I got my start with Ben Franklin with the TechCelerator program. I had the opportunity to have experts that were helping me
build my business plan and refine my business
plan as I moved forward. The press releases, the
marketing opportunities that I’ve been exposed
to have just all given me the ability to launch into this market feeling confident that I’m not unprepared, that I’m ready to go and I have
a team of people behind me.

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