Phát Hiện Dàn Loa TIỀN TỶ của Tổng thống NGA trong Căn Biệt Thự Địa Trung Hải | nhaTO Official 18

Phát Hiện Dàn Loa TIỀN TỶ của Tổng thống NGA trong Căn Biệt Thự Địa Trung Hải | nhaTO Official 18

This speaker….. It looks really familiar
I have seen it on the newspaper Uh…It was situated in the President of Russia, Putin’s room Ah I knew it right away, I have seen it before [ MUSIC ] Hello everybody !
We, the nha To brothers, are back I’m Hoàng Đức I’m Trần Minh We are almost there As you guys can see, we are driving in the Vinhome Riverside area One of the most worth-living urban area at the present It looks really beautiful, huh ? And because we have reviewed this area in many other videos so today there is gonna be something a bit more special for you guys and we decide to review in the late afternoon it’s now about 6:10 pm [ CHUCKLE ] The sky is getting darker too and we are gonna take you on a visit to a Mediterranean styled villa The first time to see a big house So about your car ? Well, white has been my favorite color lately If it was pink your favorite then fuck up :>Love white, hate pink
Love purple, the symbol of faithfulness Haha x3 🙂 Oh, here we are ! Well you should introduce to the viewers Today, I want to invite you guys on trip to… ( oh god you are so drunk) this Mediterranean house And there is also gonna be another character along with the nha To brothers introducing details to you guys Okay ! Actually before we came here, he drank a little bit I did not drink a bit so I have to take the responsibility of driving okay so here we go ! No need to explain too much Oh, it’s so cool out here Actually, we should review at this point of time for less difficulty This area is right behind a lake so it’s very cool Ah, this is the character who is gonna show up with the nha To brother Hello…uh…. Good afternoon ! Haha x3 Hi Đức ! Hey Minh ! This is Trung, a very talented architecture Just kidding ! This is not the master of the house Hey everybody ! So today Trung is gonna take us on a trip to visit and experience this Mediterranean house and he is also the one who designed the entire house Today Minh has already drunk a lot so I decide not to let him say much more and let Trung take over instead Today, I’m very glad to share with Đức, Minh and all of the nha To’s viewers about this Mediterranean house At which is there the Mediterranean style ? Why don’t I see it ? Haha x3 Looking at the Mediterranean style, we can the slightly exquisite beauty Is that all the curves you made in the balcony, right ? That’s right Here I intentively make some notable emphasis on the house with the curves and the dome system which create the biggest impression about the Mediterranean style Well it looks a bit like the Neoclassical architecture Everyone tends to mistake between the Mediterranean style and the Neoclassical style But in here, we have to have a bit sense of perception Looking at the Mediterranean style, most of the patterns and the decorating lines that are detailed will be simplified Instead, we can feel a very peaceful atmosphere What I want to emphasize here is the peaceful atmosphere It still looks beautiful without too many insignificant details, right ? That’s right Here we still have the garden system with the frontyard and the backyard, the koi’s pond and the yard for tea time outdoor Looks kinda gorgeous, right ? This looks beautiful, right ? The white color looks exquisite, huh ? I like white color and there is white over here Seem to fit me well, right ? This is the space of glass ceilling Actually, we designed this extra space for car parking These look like antique stuffs, right ? Are they made in Vietnam ? About the area for pottery, we are gonna experience a lot of other pottery inside the house later This is just a small part of it Ah, so the master of this house must really love antique stuffs and pottery, right ? That’s right What beautiful roses ! Here is the koi’s pond Turn out reviewing at this point of time is so cool and beautiful, right ? There is light right here Looks interesting, huh ? How long have you handed over this house to its master ? Uh, I have transferred this house to the master who lives here for more than a year More than a year ? Still looks new, right? There is a place for fishing right here Vingroup really did a good job, huh ?
The water is still very clean So this is the place for tea time in the afternoon and evening, isn’t it ? Sound interesting ! Do you know what this word means ? What is that word, Mr architecture ? Did you make this or somebody else ? This is specially brought from the master’s old house to the new one Honestly, the tea time space out here is very interesting Here we have a naturally wooden table with chairs There is a glass ceilling above so there is no need to worry about the rain This area is about 15 square meters How about the area of each floor ? The total area of 1st floor is 100 square meters This house consists of 4 and a half floors , which means it is about 400 square meters in total So how many bedrooms ? Here the master only use 3 bedrooms Huh, 4 and a half floors but only 3 bedrooms :>So there must be a lot of space for the family room A lot of emphasis on space for family and community living okay, here we go by the back door Đức really loves going by the back door Yeah, I really like going by the back door Haha x3 Don’t care whatever you might think [ MUSIC ] Kinda gorgeous ! A cute small house but looks very gentle Can this chandelier be lighted up ?
Could you please turn it on ? Looks kinda beautiful ! You have just turned off the other lights Can you please turn it on again ? A very beautiful space ! This is the dining table, right ? This must be imported stone
It can’t be from Vietnam, right ? That’s right, Đức The entire collection is imported The wooden covered part is also very interesting The black and white emphasis This is the island table The third one, right ? When finishing cooking, we present the dishses here right ? All of these are made of imported American oak This is imported Brazillian stone table The kitchen is designed in detail with the whole house What is this table for ? Maybe this is for a flower vase That’s right Đức. This table is to seperating the living room and the kitchen And they are also a piece of decoration from the elevator downward Most impressive is the living room, you guys At first, this house consists of 3 floor of concrete But because of the master’s will and also my personal purpose to create a space for family s I decided to cut the celling and expand the space to the next floor The idea of expand through floors is one that can’t be left out in the Mediterranean style So that’s the difference between the Neoclassical style and the Meditteranean style There is also an electric fireplace right there Can you guys guess where these two vases came from ? I think they are from Bat Trang To the best of my knowledge, these two vases must be from Taiwan So how do you know that ? Actually, Trung told me about it before So how about their price ? So to the best of my knowledge, they cost 500 million dongs in total The white house with these two yellow vases is a perfect combination These 2 chairs are used for drinking tea or reading books Or maybe when we want to serve for meetings with closed neighbors There is also a big window right here that sees the front yard and can be opened This is an automatic curtain Can you tell us a bit about this specific door ? Well, this door was specially designed for this house, which symbolizes the cultural patterns of the Mediterranean countries And there is a very special detail right over here
You can realize that is the locker The is the internal locker And this’s the external locker The external one has the shape of a bird This bird-shaped locker is completely moulded by coated mould This chandelier looks very impressive What is the idea behind this chadelier ? This particular chandelier is the master’s idea He was very confident about that But before anything was done, it was the architecture that examined the decision And after hanging the chadelier up there, I felt very confident too We forget a very beautiful detail right over here, a leaves-shaped lamp There is a Phat Ba Quan Am Bo Tat statue over here The table looks….. Regarding the Mediterranean style, I want to talk a bit more about this specific lamp This lamp presents the Mediterranean style The statue was added by the master himself The lamp is stylized with lots of leaves piled up on each other Looks very gentle, right ? I learned a lesson today not to let Minh drink a bit before reviewing Well, after drinking, I won’t drive Not about that, It’s just you can’t review afterward I want to take you guys down to the basement by the elevator Going by the elevator. Surprise ? This elevator is fully covered with wood, right ? All of them are walnut wood [ MUSIC ] OMG Let’s turn on the light What’s about this stuffs ? Actually, I’m an expert in these antique brands But I will let you take over the introduction, instead No, you are the expert, so you have to introduce Oh, I’m impressed with this one Is this a speaker ? Of course This one is one of the legends of this brand Still very new All of these are covered with gold I wonder if this collection is still in use ? Yes, they are still working well It feels kinda fun when all of these are spinning This one is special It looks really familiar
I have seen it on the newspaper Uh…It was situated in the President of Russia, Putin’s room Ah, I knew it These two amplifiers are the best of the Samsui brand These must be from 1974 – 1975 I think we should stop here, okay ? Yeah, just to know more about the master’s hobby There are other spaces for us to find out These 4 pictures look kinda interesting They are made of pottery These pictures are priceless Those who have a wide knowledge about sound can share it with all of us We only do research about it for fun Okay, let’s take a seat This furniture collection is made of black-red Techicai Sitan wood Okay, let’s imagine we are sitting here listening to Vietnam golden music Like music during wars Feel really awesome, right ? The space for bar and drinking wine is very small, just about 15 square meters The basement is 100 square meters in total Oh, there are even swords right over here Did you notice that all decorating lamps of this house are stylized with leaves ? It’s like the unique trait There are even a set of speakers right in this room The master must really love listening to music These are whiskey We are gonna drink a bit wine while listening to music in this room
It feels really relaxed There are also other antique stuffs in this room but we want to share about them in next videos Today we want Trung to take the lead and introduce more about the space Where are we going next ? We are going to experience the Mediterranean style on the second and third floor [ MUSIC ] The second floor accounts for only about 15-16 square meters But what I want to emphasize is this specific space This is the greatest emphasis of the Meditteranean style A space connecting the 1st and 2nd floor The collection of chairs and table are very impressive There is an antique radio right here oh, it’s still working Let me ! See ! I’m not drunk This radio must be very expensive This space is kinda interesting, right ? This is the first time the nha To brothers have reviewed such a convenient family space Right behind this room is the master’s bedroom Is there something secret in there ? I really have no ideas :> The clothes are still brand new Nah, they are for laundry As you guys can see, the Mediterranean style is very gentle and exquisite There are already people living in the house but it still looks very beautiful and tidy I really love this style Oh, there are 2 watch winders over here Oh, we can see the Franck Muller watch which was reviewed in previous videos That is the balcony Oh, we can hear the sound of the cicada Oh, it’s too dark. Let me turn on the lights Kinda romantic The wind is cool There is a space for the wardrobe and wearing clothes Right next to the bathromm All of the furniture are still very new The sanitation devices are from Germany As you can see, this bathroom is equipped with …….transparent glasss Haha x3 Let’s continue with the third floor This stair is also made of wood, right ? They are Iron-wood This is the elevator Do you know what this is ? Looks like a French newspaper Here is the reading space The 3rd floor consists of 2 bedrooms in each opposite side for 2 sons There are a lot of decorations in this house Is it the architecture’s idea ? The decorations are arranged in every small corner From the ceilling to the stair The stair is the only way to reach the forth floor, not the elevator That is the attic that we usually see in foreign movies The kids really love spending time in the attic This is Play Station Verse 4 Speakers, shoes The boy told me that he loved playing this game only Well, that’s life He probably doesn’t watch…uh….he probably watches nha To only, right :> So the style of the entire house is the same like this, huh ? Just so gentle and tidy Even if it’s 1 year old already What is this room with nothing much ? Looks like nobody lives here Uh..This room is for guests Just for occassional use The TV for guests is even bigger than the master’s Well, for the best comfort of the guests Well, drunk again What a beautiful cute small space There is another collection of chairs and table made of Iron-wood This is the attic space Another space for sipping tea Interesting ! I think we have gone through the entire house, right ? So I will let Trung say the last words So Trung, do you have anything to share with the nha To viewers about the style of this architecture ? And is there anything special about this architecture that makes you feel most confident about ? Uh….After constructing this house, what makes me most confident about this house is creating a lot of spaces that bear the striking traits of the Meditteranean style And also the process of living in the house As you can see, although the house has been used for 1 year , most spaces still look very fresh and tidy Haha x3 That’s what I feel most proud of Are there any difficulties in constructing this house ? especially the basement ? Constructing the basement right next to the river must be very hard, right ? Constructing the elevator down to the basement is one of the difficulties because we can imagine that the elevator is much deeper than the river level Well, these architects ! But instead, we have a very enjoyable space, right ? Well, I have to admit that today, walking into this house makes me feel the master is very artistic with lots of exquisite toys and old pottery , antique collections, reading space, , the entertaining space, the music space, , the bar space and a lot of other enjoyable spaces Very exquisite ! Well, that’s true life And one more special thing about this guy, Trung No, that’s all Okay, we decide not to reveal it today and save it for the upcoming videos This guy has lots of secret He doesn’t expertise in the Mediterranean style only, right ? That’s right ! Well, beside this style…… Oh, stop right there ! Haha x3 Well, keep it secret We wonder what you guys might think after this video ? Do you guys like this new style of nha To ? The Mediterranean and the drinking beers – reviewing at the same time style Well, it’s just an accident If you have any opinions, please comment below, like and subcribe If you also have any advice for us, please contact the hotline below Thank you Trung for joining with us today Hope to see more amazing and impressive architectures from you Of course GOODBYE ! [ MUSIC ]

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