PhD Researcher of the Year Finalist 2018 - Health Research Theme: Vincent De Luca

PhD Researcher of the Year Finalist 2018 – Health Research Theme: Vincent De Luca

do I an effect study the effects of bilingualism on brain structure and functions so specifically what I do is I look at how learning and using an additional language changes the structure of your brain and its function which has a knock-on effect to several cognitive processes now we might expect that an experience such as that is not a one-size-fits-all process there's a lot of it's a complex and dynamic experience with a lot of permutations to its outcomes so what I'm looking to do specifically is identify what it is about learning and using additional language that has these effects and how they manifest through time I think they've been several highlights to my research my doctoral research I've been fortunate enough to publish in several peer-reviewed journals which has been a great experience I've also been able to present my work at several conferences both nationally and internationally including recently and invited talk in the Netherlands which was a really nice experience and a lot of what was gained by doing that first and foremost the facilities here are fantastic you can even see one of them behind me and the people is well here to work with have been incredibly helpful collegial and have learned a lot during my time from them the Graduate School has been incredibly supportive in several avenues they have organized they for example organized a number of training courses which have been very helpful for my development as a researcher but they've also been really generous with providing funding for my ability to travel to conferences internationally this includes countries such as Japan the United States and several around Europe if I go back to my first year self or really any first year PhD student my advice would be to embrace success and failure all the same things rarely go to plan accidents happen mistakes happen and what you need to do is be able to learn from that and capitalize on that these will be invaluable to your development as a researcher they certainly work for me

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