Photographing Florida’s Secret Wildlife | Best Job Ever

Photographing Florida’s Secret Wildlife | Best Job Ever

CARLTON: When you swim into one
of these springs, and then a
manatee comes around the corner, it’s like everything slows down,
and takes a breath. Sometimes they’ll swim right up
to you, you can count the
whiskers on its face, or see the propeller
marks on its back. Just about 20 manatees,
right down here. I’m an eighth generation
Floridian. I still fell like I’m connected
to the Florida from the 1800s through the stories of
my grandparents and
great-grandparents. And I feel a responsibility for
the future of Florida because of
my heritage and connection here. Ahhhh! -Is that your leg?
-It’s not soft down here. The Florida wildlife corridor
expeditions were not an
arbitrary walk in the woods. We were following the paths
of wildlife as determined by
the latest research. Trying to bring attention to the
corridors that wildlife need to
move from one place to another. -It’s gonna crush
your camera dude. Oh gosh look at those spots.
So beautiful. -Gorgeous, gorgeous fish. CARLTON: I’d really hoped to
keep my feet dry on the trail
today, but I really don’t think
that’s gonna happen. I think in all of it’s identity
as a tourist destination, as a place of amusement parks,
as a place of beaches, The identity of the heart
of Florida really gets lost. But it’s still here,
and it’s still beating. Absolutely amazing to be here.
I don’t think very many people
know this place exists. You don’t have to go on a
thousand mile expedition to be
a conservation photographer. You can find a place that
you love, right in your own
backyard. Go out, photograph it,
share it, tell it’s story, and you’ll be surprised
the amount of change
you can help create. Captioned by
Cotter Captioning Services.

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