Planet Unicorn Episode 1

Planet Unicorn Episode 1

in the year 2117 an 8 year old gay boy named Shannon found a magic lamp he was granted three wishes the first a fur jacket the second a flying car in the third was a planet full of unicorns this is the story of that planet a gay boy wish for a planet full of unicorns planet unicorn unicorn planet give it up for feather Oh Cadillac and Tom Cruise oh let you work on hey hmm this ambrosia salad is good Cadillac yes it is Tom Cruise Mons gotcha miniature ease mine doesn't have enough cherries now you should have had some amount should have had some of the well yeah we can trade I'd like I'm full let's go take a nap downer the unicorn Falls good man let's dig your plant I'm so Cindy hey let's go we're here this is my favorite part of Planet unicorn the beautiful pink unicorn Falls the prettiest shade of pink I've ever seen hey what about that now thank you for me now you're talking oh that's time for slate exhausted hey unicorns it's me Shannon the boy who wished you into existence have fun take care of my planet I'm gay goodbye hey cattle a table Cruz wake up come on easy feathers I had the craziest dream about it at your old boy named Shannon who we sit into existence yeah hey we had the same dream we had the same dream my god look the fall they're brown this an awful color I don't like that color happens what's happening look we've got to do something that sounds dangerous look an eight your old gay boy wished us into existence and gave us life the least we can do is maintain common law we must fly top of the balls hey you stop that I'm gonna freeze it with my freezing beam good work Tom Cruise look it's fixed yeah I'm happy there's one thing I don't understand if a little gay boy wished us into existence why would he wish for a villain to be here I guess we have a lot more to learn and a lot more to find out hey I'd like to find out where the nearest Imbros your field is hey you're right

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46 thoughts on “Planet Unicorn Episode 1

  1. in the year 2117, a 8 year old gay boy named shannon found a magic lamp, he was granted 3 wishes, the first a fur jacket, the second a flying car, and the third was a planet full of unicorns, this is the story of that planet,

  2. This is one of the first youtube videos I watched along with Charlie the Unicorn back in 2007.

  3. I remember watching this at a friend's house when it was new, and I randomly had the theme song going through my head just now, so decided to look it up. 11 years already!?

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