Planet X objects Magnetic field causes Sun to have CME!!!

Planet X objects Magnetic field causes Sun to have CME!!!

hey guys boo kool-aid here gonna give you a video real quick hey we've had a CME okay my sure if it was earth-facing or not I don't think it was completely this is it right here you know it is what it is I think we might catch a glancing blow from it maybe is it a big Sammy no it's not it's not huge but it's significant enough that the tool picked it up and I'm gonna take you guys over to it real quick over it seed seed was down for about a day let's back up now and this is one of the things that I seen right off the bat and you can see that right let's just go ahead and pause it because I noticed some interesting things about this as I was watching it okay you're seeing it you ready to come out from behind the occult er okay first thing I want to point out guys as you're seeing almost like a half sphere right there well as we go forward here you're gonna see that disruption obviously you see that – I'm not typically seeing this signature before but over here on the left hand side guys what it's doing is it's trying to outline the scene of me okay it's what it does the Blues the leading edge and the red tries to outline the whole thing so sometimes the tool malfunctions and this is the kind of stuff that you see so what I'll do is and what really made me look at this one because it certainly isn't a huge seeing me look at that I mean if I just drew right on around look anything like that I mean it's not it's not a far stretch to think that this could be one of our objects we're talking about and it reacted with the Sun right here causing the CME okay I don't think that's too far of a stretch really don't and again this is without filters guys this is just showing up for all I mean when it does that Wow because sometimes we have to try to draw it out but you know making a different colors to draw it out distance so we could see it but yeah I mean look at that so you know I I would be inclined to think this is one of our objects okay interacting with the Sun so there you go you know I just wanted to bring this one to you real quick because I just happen to see it you know I just want to pass it on to you guys I'm go to the next day so if we get anything nope yeah okay but yeah I mean you could see that and I don't think it's going to cause us any big issues it could now I'm going to explain something real quick okay and I guess I could actually use this picture here on the right okay so you got the Sun right and what we're going to do is we're just going to say the Earth's over here alright the Sun has poles it's like the earth okay so when we're doing our dance with the Sun on a typical thing you know positive and negative attract each other negative and positive attract each other and then you know if you get negative to negative or positive positive they push away right well when we're doing what we're supposed to be doing here everything's fine our magneto pause looks just fine does what it's supposed to we get disturbances when we get stuff from the Sun coronal holes sunspot flares CME's right well say you add a third magnet to it okay because that's essentially what the planet and the sun's are that's a very basic level we can just call magnets for this discussion okay so say one of the planet X objects is sitting right here well it has a magnetic field positive and negative also if not multiple magnetic fields with multiple poles okay sometimes that happens you guys can research that you know a planet can have multiple poles at the same time Earth does sometimes so but anyway you know so like I said in a perfect world negative positive right well then you throw this third magnetic field into it what happens okay positive and negative attract each other right watch this this positive to that negative what happened it crossed that line so when that happens there's a disturbance okay because it's drawing to this negative and it's pushing this positive same because it's gonna do the same thing over here well I'm saying is you see how chaotic that got very very fast okay that's what happens just adding that third one okay so if there's multiple extra ones that isn't typically here in our solar system it can get really bad as far as disturbances really really fast okay I just wanted to point that out because I want people to understand why we're talking about this third magnetic field because when a solar wind comes off of the Sun say it's blowing this way right it takes it say this is the earth it takes it three to four days to get here all right now if we're connected magnetically to anything things travel extremely fast that way okay it travels as fast as electricity does so you know what I'm saying here guys is that we can be getting pressure only you say this like I said this is your say we're getting pressure here or disturbance energy getting hit hitting our field right there we will it's been asked why come within 30 minutes sometimes it switches to up here and going this way instead of this way well the reason for that is because it's moving it's not solar wind that's what I'm trying to say that's just more proof that it is magnetic or magnetic disruption because things can move that fast within a magnetic circuit okay that's what I was trying to point out there so when things get moving around fast here and fast they're changing directions here and changing directions they're really the only way that that happens is either by using light or magnetism electricity those kinds of things that move extremely fast okay we're not talking about mass we're talking about you know make magnetic connections so just keep that in mind when we start having this discussion again okay but I mean but you can see like I said no filter needed look at that what the heck anyway guys I am gonna end it here just wanted to give you a little quick update god bless you see the saves and you can drink this kool-aid

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38 thoughts on “Planet X objects Magnetic field causes Sun to have CME!!!

  1. It's coming soon..The coming "GREAT SHAKE"!! Will shake all the heaven and the earth..
    Then the coming 3 days and nights of darkness..Are you ready??
    Is your "Heart" in order??
    Are you diligently seeking the LORD??
    Please call upon him today..
    He is warning and warning..
    With all kinds of warnings..

  2. It's Friday July 19th 2019 11:39am Pacific standard time- you may want to mention the day & time when you record the video BECAUSE I received this video last night THURSDAY 7/18/2019 on my iPad & it just came into my iPhone YouTube at 11:22 am- I have 2 different Youtubes because I got was locked out of one. Just wants to let you know.

  3. Hey that makes seance but if object is tumbling x will be on top then – will maybe the energy changes so fast bekouse the x x match on earth and we get pressure from object but when object tumbles and flips it and the sun are to and then object and sun both push agents each other and the energy comes from the top or maybe object has 4 or more poles and its spinning acting magniticly each time both to to sun and the earth it would make seance for the swirly stuff to when + or _ match on all 3 te earth the sun and the object just make seance to me I think u got some thing here gd luck

  4. I retract my statement blue, I just watched Jeff's broadcast and I see now what your talking about , I believe now that is definitly a object

  5. There is no nibiru folks…pretty sure even scott gave up on that lie…just misdirection so you guys keep finding nothing and dont freak out when you realize our globe and star are changing and we wont survive…

  6. Hey ya blue, type u left the a fair bit of information about this possible CME, go watch Brian Knights video of this very thing, shows a lot more than you, and don't just believe only what Scott at planet x news says

  7. Hey Blue is there a reason we cant see that object in front of the sun if its orbiting the sun every 28 days just wondering

  8. Anyone interested in learning about magnetism should study the work of Nikola Tesla. He was the master of electro magnetic understanding

  9. Another object? At what point can these “objects” be observed on earth because there should be 50 of them. Dozens of elliptical orbiting objects with so much momentum and size they will be cruising by or causing measurable chaos observable from earth at some point right? Idk I believe in planet x when considering all the information going back thousands of years but, not one bit of data Im not mad because validation spells our demise still though wtf?

  10. Just an additional comment. When viewing a CME with a close to the sun stellar core, it is hard to JUDGE the strength of the CME because the mass energy is dispersed by the close by stellar core. One can judge the strength of the CME by the “”” back fire discharge””” on the back side of the sun that is not impeded by an object nearby. The back fire discharge was notable, it was not minor.

  11. The amount of mass ejection compared to the sun’s diameter is MASSIVE FLARING. I disagree that this CME is minor. IT IS MAJOR. Take another look at the circumference distance flaring from the sun. It looks like one third to one half of the sun’s diameter. I have notice, yesterday, the sun was so intense that my skin burned in seconds after being exposed, which meant to me I was being damaged. Great show my friend, you are doing a great job. You are a great brother to mankind !!!!

  12. There was a planetary alignment, you might want to check the times and see if they match. Thank you for bringing that to our attention. Would be cool to prove it wasnt part of a planetary alignment. That it IS something else.
    Well done. Thanks again.

  13. Blue wtf is going on bro ,is there really a invisible planet or a planet blocked by the Sun always ,like the dark side of the moon ???????

  14. Hey good morning blue Kool-Aid. When you talk about three planets in your positive and negative reactions magnetically, what do you mean by disturbances? You mean the rock back-and-forth and push each other side to side? Please go into more details about these disturbances. Sometimes I feel like the earth is wobbling with all of the planets can meet around earth this would explain it wouldn’t? Thanks have a great one peace and love ❤️

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