PLANET ZOO Gameplay - 15 Minutes of E3 Gameplay

PLANET ZOO Gameplay – 15 Minutes of E3 Gameplay

so ever had a really good zoo sim game for a very very long time that's why I'm excited for planets zoo these are the same goes at my planet coasters and also Jurassic world evolution games are absolutely loved I cannot wait to jump in and create the perfect zoo I feel like I'm probably gonna be a little bit too friendly and give the animals just tons and tons of space but instead of me a yeah button on during a whole 15 minutes of gameplay let the developers sit down walk you through the game and I'm yeah I'm excited I could not wait for November to come round and to play planet Zoo enjoy the gameplay what is planet suit so planet zoo is the next installment in the planet franchise it is a fully detailed and deep management sim and it will have a lot of new gameplay new management that we've added to this to make it really a fully new experience so can you tell us a bit more about the park that we're seeing here yes so this park we'll get a better view of it later has been inspired on the Serengeti and the un'goro un'goro crater in Tanzania as you can see here everything has been built piece by piece just like you would in planet coaster so it gives you that same kind of boundless creativity that you had back then but with lots of new themes and assets and now we're getting quite a nice for you here you can see we're in a crater and this specific Park is a safari experience so it's got a lot more open expanses than you might traditionally expect from a classical zoo so we've got these beautiful particularly the giraffes here can you tell us a little bit about the authenticity of each animal yeah so for every animal that we create we try and be as authentic as possible we go into all the little details how does it work how does it behave you know what does it look like we try and really replicate the fur we want to make it feel as lifelike as possible and you know we do that for the big ones as well as we do for the little ones so here you've got a little Springbok it's quite a lot smaller than the big giraffe sorry but it still got the same amount of detail to it and if we try and get a close-up on one of our lovely and we can see the first shader that we've been working on because it's really quite exquisite here we go I think the giraffes are a really good candidate for showing this off because they've got that lovely little mane in the back they're all fuzzy and cute and it gives you a really good opportunity to look at the little ear floppity flopster that does so these will live in social groups if the animal actually has a need for a social group they will do that they will lift together they will breed to create young will be celebrating me or the full lifecycle and planet coaster with celebration when there's a birth and morning when there is a death and each animal is unique each animal is unique so they are genetically determined they will get genes from their parents I know that fair right so they will look like their parents you can see family resemblance their patterns will be unique to the giraffes and stuff so you will definitely be able to see you know where they're live it is where they come from and that's not just the way they look that's also how long they will live how healthy they will be how like well they will breed all impacts it so you have to really manage your animal population well well yeah that's incredible yeah and it's lovely to see that you can have mixed habitats as well yeah well a lot of animals in the wild would you know live together they have kind of traits that play well with each other and we've got another example of a mix habitat just across the lake which will illustrate that as well these animals look absolutely outstanding they're so good the character team does such a good job on them and the animation team as well as y'all just stunning so in this habitat we have some zebra and some black wild beasts and they in the in the wild they will also share because they're complementary behaviors help them to detect predators so by putting them in the same habitat we consider both the animal species to be enriched oh cool and these are also herding animals which means that they will feel the need to form a pact and often you will see them hurting together through the habitat oh that's amazing you just touched on animal enrichment can you tell us a bit more about that so there's a lot of different ways you can keep your animals happy this can be you know by the basics of food and water but also by providing them with items that provide enrichment both in their food as in you know things they like to do playing that kind of stuff so you have to make sure that your animals have a lot of enrichment items to keep them happy and healthy mentally it's beautiful when you select them you can see there's so many different things for you to to keep an eye on for people to get stuck into there are a lot of needs that you will have to tend as a player there's a lot of really deeper management which I'm really looking forward to everyone exploring so as you've said before the terrain affects the animals yes and a good way to show this is by looking at our saltwater crocodiles yes so even though these guys don't have any fur on them obviously their scales look absolutely look at them it is so gorgeous so terrain will impact the happiness of your animals they will want a certain kind of makeup they will want you know a certain amount of soil a certain amount of rock they will want grass or trees or will not want it depending on what their natural habitat is like so your mission as a player is to try and make the habitat you're providing for them here as closer than the natural habitat as possible and here we can see their names Malati would like a little bit more soil in their habitat and we can add that really easily using the terrain tools that we had in planet coaster so here you can see Sam selecting some soil you're just gonna tweak those settings of it now this is one of my favorite bits because it just immediately updates there and it's so cheap well yeah I just painting in a bit more soil the happiness level goes up and something that was previously and planet coaster just aesthetics is now and planets are actually part of the management so you making a really pretty looking habitat it's not just pretty for you it's also perfect for the animal it will be happier if it's got its own flora in there if it's got the right amount of grass and rock and everything in there so it adds a lot of meaningfulness to your creativity and here we've got an African wild dog looking really cute and that's one of these enrichment items as you can see there's a bit of meat attached to it so that they can have that experience of eating in that way as opposed to just being fed but of course they do have to be fit and all of these needs and then the you know the habitat needs to be kept clean and one of the ways you can do this is by hiring some staff so here is Sam's hiring us a keeper as you can see the keeper will go between habitats checking up on how the animals are doing and if they need any food or drink and then once we determine so yeah these animals look like they're maybe a little bit hungry he's going to go off into his keeper Hut's to prepare such food and this is really exciting so I'm happy to tell you guys that in Planet C the interiors of buildings are no longer off-limits you'll be able to see your keeper at work in his own little habitat so here you can see is gonna start preparing some food the food can be updated through research and made perfect for your animals diet requirements and needs that will of course make it more expensive as well which will play into the management side of things there's been a lot of attention to detail even in this you know a lot of the spotlight is on our animals and how authentic they are but we also want to make sure that we keep that same amount of attention to detail in these things as well so here you can see he's done preparing the food so the food that you prepare will also be done as per animal and you can research more into the animal to make the food more appropriate for their specific dietary requirements and needs and this will also make it more expensive so that plays into the management again so here he's just gonna quickly fill up that tray of these hungry dogs there we go and they will come sometimes they'll see the keeper emptying and they'll just be like oh it's full time and they'll all start running running towards the the food tray and that's really fun to see but in terms of zookeepers how do how do you optimize their their schedules and their their time in your zoo yes so you can place down multiple keeper huts which means that you know you'll have more basis they can go to you can place more habitat gates but there's a downside to that so the guests will not want to see the star facilities know yeah that sets them and that means you gotta find out a way to keep them separate so either you put more scenery in front of it or you use staff paths which is a new feature that we've added to plan ensue so these paths can only be walked on by the staff guests can't walk on it and that means you can really easily cordon off certain areas of the zoo for staff only yes brilliant so exciting so that allows you to maximize your keepers you know output while making sure that it's still you know behind closed doors like you would in a regular see absolutely absolutely so we are seeing the Africa theater being yes will there be different themes in the future there will be different themes we'll be talking about them at a later date I can't wait to show you guys the other ones that we've got in store because there's some lovely things in there lovely really looking forward to it okay and in finance ooh is quite big on you know we're we're off entik yeah we're not just a management game we want to be you know true to real-life Seuss well yeah and something that plays a huge role there is conservation and preserving you know natural habitats of animals and and sort of educating the guests about that yeah how does that translate into planets ooh so planet zoo is based off the modern – so as you said we want to make sure that we educate our guests about the animals that they've come here to see so nowadays when you go to a zoo you want to learn more about the animals that you're coming here to see you want to know about the habitat you want to know how they're doing one of the ways you can educate your guests is by using these two PDA screens so these will be relevant to the animals in the habitat next to it you place them close to a habitat you can tell them to display information about one of the animals in the habitat and then this information will get better as you research more into the animal and thus your guests education need which is a new need that they come into the park with will you know get filled up of course rides played such an important aspect in a planet poster but can you tell us about the rides that we're seeing here yes so this is one of our transport rides which is a 4×4 off-road vehicle just like a planet coaster the track is player defined and you have many options available to you for fine tuning you'll be able to change how it looks you'll be able to tentacle and you'll be able to set a right price so these are really handy if you want to get a really nice good view of the zoo and it's also an excellent way to rest tired feet for your guests yeah again like just to call out the animation team here like the little tiny movements on each animal they're so so authentic and gorgeous it's really really well done yeah everyone to put a lot of hard work and soul into these animals these aren't just you know some animals that you come here and see they have a personality they have things they like to do things they don't like and they will respond you know appropriately and that's one of my favorite things when you're testing this game sometimes we'll come in here and there obviously sometimes we'll come in here and they're all doing crazy stuff and you can't anticipate that just like you would in an actual zoo and that's one of my favorite things about the game so these are chimpanzees they have very extensive social needs very extensive enrichment needs that you will have to meet as a player a very challenging animal and they will also climb so as a reminder everything here is built piece by piece it's just amazing to see all of this that you canyou can build yourself they can climb on anything that can be deemed climb aboard so if you want to go wild and build your own climbing frame you totally can and these teams will love it yeah and you can use anything from trees rocks anything that's a climber ball sir yes your animals will interact with everything at the player you know builds and and makes they'll will be swimming and walking and climbing player main environments amazing yeah which is one of those roofs as well it's so much fun and it means that you know again your creativity is gonna be really meaningful because your climbing frames not just gonna look good that's actually going to function and that's you know one of my favorite things about this game I think it has a touch of magic to it to seeing the chimps just scampering everywhere it's so satisfying but we're not just that it's also an amazing achievement of the team to be able to pull this off like that seems anything really special we've had coders working on this pretty much non-stop for over a year now they fir there's so much hard work to get all of this up and running and I think this you know no one else is doing anything like this right now so it's really special to us I know that a lot of people will want to see some of the small animals these animals absolute standing there gorgeous fur we need to see some of the exhibits I am loving this tour oh there we go so here's an example of an exhibit building in this specific exhibit that we'll be showing you today we have the lesser antillean iguana so you can see him there were lucky that they're out and about sometimes they like to hide which you might know from you know visiting zoos yourself these are the animals that usually you have to do a bit of looking for so just like the other animals these have things that you need to tweak to make them feel at their happiest you can change the temperature and the humidity in their exhibits to match what they would usually expect from a habitat and that will improve their general welfare they have needs just like the larger animals and you know they are just as important as your large habitat animals and you you have to take care of them the same way and if you provide for them well they will also breed so there's a lot of enrichment levels that you can add to your exhibit and these will add to their happiness with a habitat and they will also mean that if you have two exhibits with the same animal in them you can still make them look unique to each other because you could just swap out which in between you're using on every single one so we've spoken about enrichment items terrain anything that can affect your animals welfare is there anything else that we need to know well we'll have a little glimpse of it here but obviously animals welfare depends on their environment most of the time if it's a hot environment you'll want to make sure that they're not too warm if they're not used to that called not too cold if they're not used to that and where they just like you can see here we will be going more in depth about weather at a later date but we just want to give you a little sneaky peeky what we've got going on here if you build a shelter they will shelter under it when it gets wet or sometimes you can find these chimps sheltering under the bridge which will also include the rain so they can hide anywhere that the rain can touch yeah it's absolutely incredible the amount of detail for each individual animal that has gone into this game and and there's so much for for people to explore and manage and creative like there's something for everyone it's yes and there's so many things we haven't even touched on you know our biome selections life cycles in detail we've only shown you the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our animal list and I'm really looking forward to talking more about these as we go along thank you so much for joining us on that very wild right I think I can speak for the entire team when I say that we are super excited to show you what else we have in store for you of course planet Zoo is coming out on the 5th of November this year so fast and you can already pre-order the game right now the link will be in the description below and I just want to say thank you so much as well Lisa for narrating this beautiful journey that we had together Sam for driving us through this amazing park and Chantal for joining me on the sofa thank you so much for watching and we'll be back very soon bye

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  1. I dont know why developers give this guy games when he doesnt even play their games. Stop talkin bullshit dude and reading off a script, always claiming how excited you are with all these games yet you dont even play them.

  2. Its so perfect, makes me miss Zoo Tycoon 2 so much, can't believe it took this many years for a zoo game to be developed

  3. Tbh, I got this game mixed up with another game that is based off of the "Planet of the Apes" series. 😐

  4. let me guess this is going to be for PC ONLY!! Just like that new shark game MANEATER that's bullshit how they've made it pc wtf I thought that game looked pretty lit only to find it's pc then when I said that game can go f××k off

  5. All I could think of in that 1st enclosure is, giraffe 1 needs more space, giraffe 2 needs more space,giraffe 3 needs more space,giraffe 4 needs more space, giraffe 5 needs more space,giraffe 6 needs more space. If you played zoo tycoon 2 you know what I mean lol

  6. I find these games are even greater with unexpected events happening
    Like for eg prison architect
    So you could have mayb a tiger on the loose
    Or maybe apes killing another ape
    Idk it would just make it more entertaining IMO

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  8. I wish they add animal control or something like control in monkey you can climb a tree run around the monkey area and even out of it

  9. already pre-ordered deluxe edition. if you people who are new and have questions, go ahead and ask me

  10. Uff! I came back to your channel after a long time! Missed your vids and voice alot! Just had some college stuff! And this is a great way to start my summer vacations!
    Keep up the Good work mate!

  11. They should make a game called life of a wild cat or life of a lion where you could be a lion cheetah lepored or any other wild cat in the world that would be cool

  12. I wish they'd finished Planet Coaster instead of leaving out some useful map 'furniture' like underwater glass/metal pipes for coasters and lifts/escalators. Those two things would have both improved the game from game mechanical ways and from a visual standpoint too. Also not much in the way of appreciation of any more natural or visually organic parks.

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