Planet Zoo: Info Dump May 2019

Planet Zoo: Info Dump May 2019

welcome to Planet Zoo info-dump as we approach the release of the game this monthly series will recap all the information that was released the last month in an easy so there just manner for you guys I'll also be talking about my thoughts on how the game is progressing and offer some insight on some of the pointers this is our first info dump and as such we will be covering the month of May in particular we have the first two planets do developer journals that go really in depth with some new game mechanics to new confirmed species and some miscellaneous news our first new confirmed species was revealed on the official Twitter the Galapagos giant tortoise we predicted this as an expected species in a wetland biome video so it's pleasing to see it confirmed our second confirmation is the Indian pea fowl revealed in the zookeepers own newsletter for the planet Zoo game the Indian pea fouls already deduced early on from the press release images and nevertheless confirms our expectations once again so far the resolution and image quality leave a bit to be desired and we can't really tell the true appearance or beauty of this birding game but hopefully we'll receive new footage soon check out my Google spreadsheet where you can keep up to date with all the confirmed animals all my predictions and wish list link in the description now to our developer Diaries the first was released in May 16th titled making planet zoo and it doesn't really contain much information on the game itself more on the development methodology behind the game but it's an interesting raid nevertheless links in the description the next step diary was released May 28th and this contains very juicy information on game mechanics let's go from so this journal confirmed a habitat requirement an ik it's a fairly obvious and desired one but it does go fairly in deep from this we can see there's five major mechanics to an animal's habitat space requirements terrain requirements shelter requirements social requirements and an ongoing maintenance requirement we will discuss how these five requirements interact with each other and other game mechanics as we go through the video socialization seems like a very major and fleshed out mechanic in planet Zoo different animals have different socialization requirements they mentioned the grizzly bear which dislikes having more than a duo in an exhibit on contrary to plain zebra which actively seeks our companions and dislikes being alone there was also mention of dominance fighting where they give the example that if two male West African lions are placed into the same exhibit they will fight over control of the pride this is probably similar to frontiers recent introduction of the alpha mechanic in Jurassic world evolution but it seems at a first glance much more deep of a mechanic than the one introduced into that game this in certain ties into space requirements generally more social animals will resulting Lee require more space so this already makes the player have to think ahead if you are considering introducing a very social animal to a zoo you have to make sure there is enough space this isn't a very novel or revolutionary mechanic space requirements have always been a core mechanic of every zoo simulator so it's no surprises here the mentioning of different terrain requirements essentially confirms a sort of a bio mechanic but we did not know how in-depth this goes where the terrain is simply just floor covering or whether or not it actually represents a very specific and rigorous ecological requirement such as tree foliage grasses water features and etc or whether or not animals are the same terrain can even live with each other yet we don't know that we also still don't know which exact terrain types or biome types will be in the game yet shelter is another major requirement for animals in the game some animals are naturally shy and require more shelter or private exhibits but it is assumed all animals will require some sort of shelter this in turn ties into a completely novel mechanic they adding which is weather now whether it's such a huge mechanic because it's been missing from games like this was so long the dev journal mentioned weather events such as snow and rain forcing animals to seek out shelter and weather can also influence temperature of the exhibit which is another reveal mechanic how deep this goes whether we can research electrified heating for shelters or heat lamps inside exhibits we don't know yet but it opens up an almost endless list of possible problems and solutions that would really add depth to the game one thing I personally hope is that they go further with this maybe add a day/night cycle since some animals are the onal others nocturnal or others are crepuscular and during Twilight hours this would really add a new dynamic to the game say you can focus on an area of Yazoo that is you know just nocturnal creatures only and in turn only open it to the public between certain hours of the day or maybe add seasons where warm summers and cold winters affect a long-term strategic thinking of how you manage your park maybe electricity consumption increases and fast upkeep rises in winter because you need to have to power up so many heaters summer requires more water refills so you have to increase upkeep there how deep the mechanics go is really absolute frontier but the possibility is already quite mouth-watering ongoing maintenance such as food water and cleanliness of an animal exhibit is a fairly obvious mechanic and it is confirmed but some other tidbits include food quality food quality is a thing in this game better quality food directly affects animal happiness and nutrition but you need to research better types of feed though which brings us into our next mechanic the research system so research has been around forever in simulation games so it's no surprise there I just hope it's done a lot better than previous iterations where it wasn't very obvious what you're researching like in the original Zoo Tycoon or everything is locked behind a research wall that just ends up doing really nothing but wasting a bit of your time and money to unlock it it doesn't really add much strategy so I may be grasping at straws here but I'm gonna use the tech tree mechanic from the recent Total War free kingdoms game this is a very interesting take on the research tree where certain texts require either previous or combination of previous text or the requires certain animals or buildings first before you can start to research them so far tech trees in zoo game's historically have been pretty terrible and don't really add to the immersion so a good tech tree can really work wonders here and I hope frontier heeds and take some advice for this clean exhibits make for happy animals obviously and different types of animals actually excrete different amounts of dung so an elephant exhibit may need more maintenance from zookeepers compared to say a chimpanzee exhibit for instance so all these requirements in turn affect your animal welfare or essentially how happy your animal is a happy and well satisfied animal actually has many benefits animals that are happier healthier and less prone to disease they also have longer lifespans they have better success at breeding it's also implied that happier animals will socialize more and of course guests are happier to see happy animals on the contrary stress can build up for another reason such as not fulfilling these five requirements we talked about and the animal will begin to be more susceptible to diseases they will shy away from guests they'll seek out shelter and socialize less the deaf Journal goes on to explain that these animal behaviors directly correlate to how they are feeling so a sick animal tends to rest more or be less active than its social group stressed animals tend to stay away from guest viewing areas so these are the observable behaviors the player can look out for to care for the animals so it looks like there will be a sort of viewing area or range mechanic not unlike that of Jurassic world evolution but again this does tie into the sort of a tug-of-war mechanic we're talking about having more viewing areas reduces the animals privacy but it increases guests happiness because they are exposed to being able to see more animals so it's a fine balance the game forces the player to deliberate on how they want to go about things a very interesting point that was brought up here is that an increase in the number of guests into your zoo may actually stress out the animals further so naturally as your zoo gets busier and more successful you have to start considering more privacy concerns for your animal this is a very interesting meta game mechanic that will really force the player to think ahead and plan our guests paths and guest areas and whatnot in conclusion it seems like zoo design goes hand-in-hand with animal welfare this is extremely pleasing to hear pretty much all previous zoo games they didn't have this sort of depth and strategy to it where creatively building a beautiful zoo didn't really have much impact on gameplay now you do have to plan ahead and build around your animals more this will appease two players that like to take speaking slow and plan ahead maximize efficiency strategize long-term solutions and it will make for a far better game in the long run one major mechanic mentioned was breeding and genetics frontier have definitely done their research on breeding they mentioned how different species mates and select partners and if you want to be successful breeding you have to yourself do a lot of research on mating behaviors of those certain animals gene pool diversity is also important inbreeding depression is a thing in this game and having a clustered group of animals that constantly breed with each other is damaging in the long run for the population as it makes and all susceptible to diseases and lower lifespans so solutions such as periodically introducing new animals or separating old ones to prevent inbreeding have been suggested and wow this was definitely a mechanic I was not expecting but I am extremely pleased that it is in this pretty much tells us this game will be very conservation conscious and take a very realistic undertone one of interesting mechanics by frontier in the 2017 suit accident was the ability to track an animal you released into the wild although it was fairly bare-bones in this regard this game could add something like having a genetic strength can influence how your animal performs in the wild when they are released thereby secure you more funding for conservation efforts and are the breeding attempts and with all these mechanics and research the return of the superior ties it all in presumably this is a one-stop place for information about all the animals available in the game how to care for them etc and will definitely be useful whilst you're planning exhibits I wish that they could have returns with zoo pedia that is interactable and draggable around the user interface like in the first video so tune instead of having to flip back and forth tediously like the last iteration finally we have our miscellaneous news on release dates we still have no word on the exact release date but many sources point to a queue for or December release so pretty much at the end of the year hopefully we will learn the final release date at e3 so yes planet Zoo will be showcased at e3 at the PC gamer show on June the 10th there will be a live stream on Twitch so hopefully we will get our first gameplay glimpse and get us some more juicy information on mechanics animals and graphics from this showcase it looks like this will be the next state that frontier will be providing us with all the information so yes the contents from this show will be covered by the June info-dump and that ends our video our first a dump for planets ooh for the month of May as always if you've enjoyed this video subscribe like the video and consider supporting me on patreon I'm also completing my predictions and wishlist series check out those videos for some animal ideas that could make it into the game it's getting really exciting now planet zoo is showing some very strong promise so I'll catch you guys for the next video you

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