Plans to make products from the plastic catch | MISSION ONE COMPLETED

Plans to make products from the plastic catch | MISSION ONE COMPLETED

Capturing plastic really did something.
Seeing the system out there seeing the plastic being caught.
Seeing something that works that performs like expected,
builds confidence in what we’re doing And that we’re on the right track at this moment. You see it? yeah! It’s all tiny particles also! We choked the majority of the plastic. We’ll start operations to get it on board. We’ve proved that our methodology of cleaning is actually feasible. We have a speed difference with the plastic and we were accumulating plastic During this mission we actually had an independent system in the water
that got plastic by itself and retained it and we could harvest this plastic so the future is bright! this was totally new and I think we have achieved a lot
and… I believe in this one. Boyan always thinks about improving
and always ask questions but I think for now, he would be silent for a bit and just enjoy the moment It was a really important moment It was the moment that we went from really just a promise to okay we can
collect plastic in the Great pacific Garbage Patch. And it can be done by a system by itself not dragged by a ship or something. It was really just our clean up system autonomously collecting plastic this is one big back per day,
per system. And it’s a tiny system Imagine what we can do when we have 60 systems which are at least three to four times as large this one that pulls down to
four big backs per day per system so that in total is 240 big bags of
plastic per day for the cleanup to happen, it’s not
enough to have a technical solution that works but we also need a solution
to the financial challenge how to keep the cleanup operation going because of course once the systems are out there If there’s not some kind of model
to keep it going financially it’s not going to happen. We believe the answer to this question lies in the plastic that we take out of the
ocean because the idea is to take that plastic to recycle it into beautiful
sustainable products and with that fund the continuation of the cleanup. of course we’re nonprofit.
Nobody is going to make any money with this. it’s just about continuing the cleanup The material we collect is complete
garbage. It has been in the ocean for decades sometimes up to 50 years. it’s
degraded. It has salt on it. It has algae on it. It’s really stinky and dirty and a total
mess. So I think it’s really going to be special to have something made from this
material because it’s not just any plastic It’s plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch It’s like the difference between a normal rock
and a rock from the moon. It’s still a rock but it has the story behind it. So when we say these products
are made from ocean plastic what we mean is that the
plastic is actually coming from the ocean because right now the definition
of ocean plastic is really Shady could come from anywhere. it’s defined as
plastic collected near the ocean. So we really want to bring the truth to the
market and we really want to guarantee to the people that support us,
that this plastic is coming from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch We are tagging the bags of plastic that have
been filled during trip one So that it can be certified that it comes from the Pacific. so we’ve been
collaborating with DNV-GL to be able to certify plastic
that’s actually coming from the oceans so they keep track of the plastic to the whole chain from it
being collected all the way to it being turned into products and every step in
between is being tracked to ensure that we can really promise that this material has come from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

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100 thoughts on “Plans to make products from the plastic catch | MISSION ONE COMPLETED

  1. only way to collect it all after multiple, large systems are deployed is to have a large ship on station to collect and perhaps begin the recycle process. Yes?

  2. Real-talk, I don't see why this is anymore undeserving of mainstream media attention than the Cybertruck. If only teams like Ocean Cleanup were praised and given a platform, we'd see more people standing up to do similar work.

  3. I've been following this for several years now. It has been really exciting watching the progress you have all made.

  4. Very heartening to see this happening along with any and all other solutions to remove plastic garbage from our environment.

  5. Now talk about person of the year. I wonder why Boyan not even being mention? Think about how much more people will pour in and help him. And more people inspired by him and spread to other stuff need to recycle also.

  6. Yeah here you guys are in action cleaning up the ocean, and Greta Thunberg is Time Life's person of the year. SMH. Keep up the marvelous work! 👌👽 >v<

  7. This news has made my year! I will donate again after the holidays. CONGRATULATIONS OCEAN CLEANUP! GOD BLESS YOU. The sea creatures will eventually get a better chance for life without so much plastic in their bellies. i am so happy.

  8. Many many millions USD burned for half a container of nylon and plastic . A demented toddler could have done better.
    In your other PR promo video's you distribute plastic umbrellas? Because you're that incompetent dicks?

  9. Respect for this guy. He actually made something. Congratulations. Time magazine, you should switch, put this guy on your cover instead of that moronic screaming idiot.

  10. great to see! kudoes! now the next part. you have the interceptors already built. aka a barge that will scoop up stuff from the water and package it. so that can be adapted to making another type of barge which makes packages, attaches small motors, a gps unit, sails, solar panels etc. and then it gets plopped in the water to go home to a collection port or point. no need to send ships to collect to each individual boom. it can take the slow path home as long as it gets there eventually.

  11. No tengo mucho dinero pero les doy like, ademas mi familia se ha unido a su canal y trato de hablar de su labor y ejemplo cuando me dejan. Hace poco fuimos al mar y mis chicos instintivamente recogieron la basura que les fue posible, es porque ven a personas maravillosas como ustedes. Dios los bendiga y larga vida a The ocean cleanup.💖

  12. I am skeptical about the products in which these plastics will be made into. Great project, but making products out of more plastics that would end up back into landfills and oceans kinda defeats the point of this initiative in the first place. I might be missing something here…

  13. Great Job …. We Indians appreciate your work & support you
    Thanks for cleaning our oceans.
    You are saving our future 😊🙏🇮🇳💐

  14. Is there a way that you could "sell" the cruise ships bags, to contain their garbage and pick it up for them, rather than them just dumping it into the ocean? Not a perfect solution, but better than what they do now.

  15. i support but i suggest first stop the inflow of plastic into the oceans and then start the clean up that would fetch good results in this methodology which you are following from once side you clean and the other side the flow comes in so there would be no results finally instead of continuous efforts

  16. I often see your shows. I am interested in joining your company, my family is also aware of plastic waste. Are there any openings for me? I am Ilham, a man from Aceh from Indonesia. Thank you, Mr. Boyan

  17. Suggestion; make a video to debunk the sceptical bastards I'm seeing everywhere. People claiming the ship fuel does more damage than the plastic it removes…or how the nets are providing home to krill. And one more, how more plastic enters the ocean daily than you can remove in weeks. I know most of these questions are easy to answer and there will always be ignorant, pessimistic people but maybe it's worth it to gain more trust. (I'm sure there are more easy to clarify questions you guys have to deal with.) Much love and keep it up, you guys are amazing.

  18. Amazing work!!! All companies is contributing to the plastic use so in a since its a fear idea that the states /countries dedicates 0,001% of all taxincomes from "ALL companies" to Your systems and to keep it going for a very long time and to the newly announced vessels to stop plastic coming out in the first place to the ocean. In this way no one will feel that its alot of money they are going to lose but in the "collective way" this could help you sustain and keep a faster phace getting the plastic out of this planets oceans, the fish stomacs that we are depending on. its creazy that the fish companies is not even touchet when they are dumping fishnets in the oceans!!

  19. Wow, it should be shared, you doing one awesome work for recicle and help the ocean. Congratulations for your work, every country should have this technology. Greetings from Brazil 🇧🇷

  20. Honestly, that stuff is the last thing to be recycled.
    After we achive 100% recycling (up from like 3% or whatever it is now) because its the most unsorted and polluted.

    Burn it and rely on donations up until that (quite distant) point.
    People with a lot more money are working on a lot easier recycling problems, don't go waste money that could operate and design systems into a cashflow that won't be, not until theres gigants to stand on the shoulders of.

    I mean, your monetization patch is essentially hipsters will pay for it being special, not actually a good product … rarity value defeats itself.
    If you want, make souveniers for donors from it, thats what the practicality of it is anyways. But don't dump scarce dollars into prettying up what is just a souvenier.

  21. Maybe you can let the community vote on different ideas for products made from this? Like give us a suggestion of 20 possibilities to see which product has the most demand and therefore will give the fastest boost to this operation! Keep up the good work!

  22. This is great. Could you consider putting these operations at the mouth of or upstream of major rivers? Obviously, to prevent it from hitting the oceans, but to also make the source country responsible.

  23. I don't understand how all that plastic get in the ocean? Last i remember we throw plastic into a trash can and the garbage truck comes and takes it away. Is there actually people who take their plastic trash and drive all the way to the ocean and dump it?

  24. How does the cleaning and separation of plastic types work? I though contaminated plastics where uneconomic to recycle because of the resources needed to clean them. I can't imagine that salty plastics with growths on them are better.

  25. I think it is a great job. I try to bought merchandise to support this challenge, the reusable bottle but is only delivered in Europe??
    In any case I will buy Rapanui Casual Wear.
    Please work for better distribution channel for selling your products.

    Thanks and how could we help. I live in Lima Peru.

  26. They are doing good work but it doesn't stop the problem. The faucet that is plastic producers and people polluting the world. They are putting a bandaid on the problem and cleaning up irresponsible people so they can continue being irresponsible.

    The mentality of people need to change, stop using plastic when there are better alternatives and stop throwing shit on the ground and in the waters.

    If every person in the world took care of their own garbage and threw it in a garbage bin it would help the planet a whole lot. And don't act like that is a hard task to do.

  27. Shouldn't the people that neglected the environment in the first place pay for this? If government can't put up a garbage disposal system in countries like Indonesia – communities can! It makes much more sense to make Fuel or heat and electricity from low quality product shipped from quite far away and make quality stuff from more sensible material with lower emissions.

  28. Problem is that recycled plastic will end like plastic trash again. Sooner or later. Better solution is get rid of plastic at all or at least of most of it.

  29. id set up a world agreement with fishermen that all their nets must be accounted for when returning and if no net then they are fined and it goes towards ceaning the seas

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