Pres. Moon seeks greater economic ties with Myanmar through joint industrial complex

Pres. Moon seeks greater economic ties with Myanmar through joint industrial complex

President Moon is in Yangon, aiming to build
closer economic ties with Myanmar. He attended a ground-breaking ceremony for
the two countries’ joint industrial complex,… where he unveiled his roadmap for mutual economic
growth. Our Park Hee-jun in Myanmar for us tonight. President Moon Jae-in is in Yangon,… to
enhance bilateral economic cooperation and co-prosperity with Myanmar. Myanmar is a Southeast Asian nation that has
great economic potential,… seeing a steady economic growth of six-to-seven percent each
year. Recognized particularly for its abundant human
and natural resources,… it’s a market that many South Korean companies are fishing opportunities
for. Korea is the sixth-largest investor in Myanmar,…
with around 200 Korean companies currently doing business in the country. In efforts to channel such potential into
concrete economic benefits,… President Moon attended a business forum and
a groundbreaking ceremony for a South Korea-Myanmar joint industrial complex in Yangon on Wednesday. The site aims to build a more efficient economic
partnership between the two countries. Korea would help Myanmar improve its infrastructure,
which in return gives Korean companies better access to the Myanmar market. This is a great step forward for Myanmar,
a country that’s been hobbled by poor infrastructure and struggling to fully tap into its immense
potential. The 108-million U.S. dollar project is aimed
for completion by 2024. In his keynote speech at the event, President
Moon revealed that South Korea and Myanmar will work to bolster their cooperation in
people-to-people exchanges and infrastructure. They will also work to enhance cultural exchanges
and cooperation in the household goods sector. The President says that more exchanges in
the K-Pop, fashion, and cosmetics industries will help the people of the two nations…
gain a better understanding of one another. “Wrapping up his trip to Myanmar after forging
closer economic ties with the country, President Moon leaves for Laos on Thursday,… the last
stop that completes his pledge to visit all ASEAN nations within his term. Park Hee-jun, Arirang News, Yangon.”

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