100 thoughts on “President Trump announces changes to the National Environmental Policy Act

  1. Trump’s own DOJ just proved, after a two-year investigation, all the accusations Trump made against Clinton are false. Just tack them on Trump’s List of LIES.

  2. January in Ohio. It's 70 degrees and dandelions are blooming on my front lawn. Meanwhile, trump is staring at Laura Ingraham's mosquito bites.

  3. I wish our governments in Australia would ease some burdens here. We lost 3 car manufacturers over 3 years and no one seemed to care. We NEED a Trump and politicians that CARE.

  4. Funny two hours later Fox News posts a video about the homeless crisis. If the economy is so good how does America still have a homeless crisis????

  5. Why did the Ukrainian 737 go off course and fly over an Iranian military base when Iran was firing surface to air missiles at U.S. Iraq bases?

     A team of cyber experts at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security successfully hacked into the avionics of a commercial airplane parked at an airport as part of a test.

  6. Why do you not care about the disasters around the world? If trees burn there'll be nothing to filter out carbon monoxide. You're more concerned about building roads and businesses?

  7. "Trump blamed Obama for the air conditioning system in the White House making the White House sometimes too cold. That is how petty this man is." – Jonathan Capeheart says Pres. Trump keeps trying to undo his predecessor's legacy.

  8. Couldn't this be seen as draining the swamp?
    I have NO problem electing qualified rich people to office. I do have a BIG problem with electing people who only become rich After they become career elected politicians!
    I think one way the latter happens is the over regulated bureaucracy that is government and people who twist it to Their benefit. Grease a corrupt politicians pockets and get you permit…..

  9. Thank god for a president with common sense! Apparently cant be taught anymore. Now communist way of thinking is upon is..

  10. Depression koo Karan lee Marla jasto vaa ko Karan lee stone Tull maa rakhako chue mind naganue kasari lee pani man koo pida man lai matra tha huncha Tara ram naam Japana bata bancheet garako Karan lee maile stone law roker ko chu

  11. True! Thankful to hear there is someone applying a plan to solve homelessness in our country. No one realized we would be creating such difficulties in our future when putting stricter laws on the industry. The business sense of Trump has my respect.

  12. People need to be able to build smaller homes when ever possible, if that is what they want and need.

    I am still looking for someone to install a kitchen and bathroom in my NW FL home. It is pathetic. Shortage of contractors since 2016

  13. Deregulate corporations but continue to regulate the private lives of citizens. The Republicans support the military-industrial complex and the police state. Nothing but a bunch of filthy hypocritical commies.

  14. Cavuto hasn't seemed healthy for a long time. With his resources, he should take some time and get healthy… forget all of the trash of life and get healthy.

  15. How about FREE water. there is enough for everyone!! why are we the people being charged for water?? something to also consider along with clean water ☺

  16. "Protecting the Environment" in Upstate NY: 1) illegal to put tool shed in yr OWN BACKYARD if there's a puddle that cld be considered "Wetland"- hire surveyor accordingly 2) Zoning Permit req'd to renovate ANYTHING 3) must replace wood-frame windows w/ same (rot-proof, heat-saving sim wood PROHIBITED!) 4) codes above just the beginning: if u have any questions/ wanna avoid fines or even prosecution you must hire licensed surveyors!

  17. Look at CA. CA would fail before the time to get approval from the leftist.
    It is time for President Trump to call on the courts in America to become aware of the importance of issuing life saving and sustainable development goals to each state to further the economic growth that benefits all Americans.
    It is plain to see that Newsome has no intention to ease CA laws.

  18. All those regulations are senseless on houses. I live in the country and built my home, my way. No inspector needed. It's built faster and better than any code. I also have things cities wouldn't allow. Cistern on my home so I don't use drinking water. Solar that saves me money that people in the city aren't allowed because of zoning laws

  19. That’s not why we have homelessness and no, we really don’t need more houses. We need to take every precaution with our air, water and soil

  20. they're still has way too many regulations and they don't really have back to water erosion or a lot of other things they're just regulations to to benefit the field feel

  21. Clean water, Flint Michigan still don't have Clean Water. Your tap water smells like Chlorine, why is he not trying to change that. He De-Regulated Emission on Your future vehicle which is why The Past President Made it Hard for Car Manufactures to Pollute the Air you breathe. What the Ham Hill, how is this good for anyone. It's a good thing that Your Future Car manufactures will continue to follow the old Regulations to Protect you. Everything they are talking about is not in one way will benefit you.


  23. Hey Neil prosciutto ….you either have a vibrant growing country or save some fish or a butterfly you can’t have both fighting over the environment ….that’s what they got zoos for and wildlife reserves

  24. There is no enviroment with out a planet thay can sustain life.
    Greed has overtaken our ability to recognise that industry can't continue to pour poison into our air, soil and water and not pay the consequences.
    All the money in the world will not save these poor souls who have become victums to the addiction of greed. Unfortunately, we're all going to pay the price as well.

  25. LOL The Climate Change Nonsense is part of this "environnment " policy. The Air Resources Board in California has even included cattle/cow farts as Air Pollution! How about human farts ?STOP this INSANITY PLEASE!!

  26. He is destroying the environment to enrich himself and his cronies. He is selling out America to her enemies for his personal benefit. Wake up America!

  27. When a study is required to secure a permit the agency supplying the study should be required to submit it in 7 days or less. 4.5 years to get info that literally takes an hour or two is gross incompetence. ALL permit applications must be approved or denied in 30 days or less. It does not take years for people who know their job to actually DO their job. Its like they have to wait for high school seniors to get their masters degree before they can answer the question.

  28. So does that mean the chemtrail spraying planes and jets poisoning the population blocking the sun out will be stopped

  29. The globalist, NWO,community didn't want our economy to boom. That's why over time,they created counter productive legislation for many industries in our country. Also attacked the middle class and pushed socialism and big government.

  30. Global warming is a farce. Bag over the head joke. It's being used to deceive the masses. They, the NWO,globalist community, want to have a global tax to build their total NWO control grid. Carbon tax to save the planet. What a joke. Very dangerous. Almost as dangerous as the very real chemtrails that are being produced ,daily, causing global weather changes.

  31. The orange menace, the deeply crooked one has destroyed so much in the last few years… With the help of the racist white supremacist gop mafia and their mouth piece faux news. But there will be a time of reckoning ⚖️⚖️⚖️🇺🇸

  32. Lack of good regulations permitted corporations to leave behind billions of dollars of contaminated sites, contaminated water and dead zones. What kind of person thinks that is wise management? What are the criminal corporate leaders and politicians up to now. Are you aware of their gross domestic damage Americans will be stuck with the bill to clean up.

  33. Having built things what the guest says is true bureaucrats make things difficult because they can. Often for no good reason.

  34. More regulated than Nuclear power, ohh man, I love how such obvious lies go unnoticed these days and become a normal to mislead the uneducated…

  35. The most gentle approach to the environment is to stop building anything at all. And that was the path that radical environmentalist were heading. But that approach makes no sense because it ignores the fact that voters will not accept such an approach. That approach would doom environmentalism. Better to find a balance between human wants and needs and the environment that people will support. And that includes reasonable speed in coming to balanced decisions.
    What we are seeing in many Western developed countries is the "haves" attempting to force the "have-nots" to continue being "have-nots" using environmentalism as their justification.

  36. Today, 01/11/2020, in parts of NYC near record breaking temperatures in the low 70’s (Fahrenheit), these temps are not to be celebrated for obvious reasons…

  37. How long before the Socialists claim Pres Trump is doing this for his own personal gain once he leaves office.

  38. streamlining of regulations just bypasses all the revenue these people that are involved environmental certification usually make..so thats why they are screaming
    grinds the activist NGO money to a halt..so many fake tears


  40. i have far greater confidence in private business doing good for environmental protection then the government, you dont need regulations, ESG investor folk are doing the job far better. Who doesnt want a higher multiple?

  41. If the President wants clean air water etc……
    Why are we still watching in our skies CLOUDSEEDING THEN????????? Why is that it should make every American angry

  42. Bad actors are misusing environmental protection for political leverage to extract financial gain. Look at Pelosi and San Francisco. Listen to what she said and see what is done to her state. Empty words versus reality.

  43. What part of putting Americans first don't they get??? We've been cutting back for years while others continue to polute randomly while the use fossil fuels and steal American jobs! I'm sickened to see so many uneducated people jump into the argument because the people they voted for keep them stupid and uninformed about the reality of what is happening! President Trump understands global markets and how certain economy's are booming at the cost of the American worker whos employer is so handicapped by government regulations that they have no choice other than to move overseas or south of the border!

  44. I love when miners get black lung. Same idiots that vote for deregulation of things like smog and lead pipes.
    Choke on it Trumptards

  45. cavuto is among other things a closet democrat, liberal and progressive that has been regressive with his true state…sorta like a shepard smith sorta way…

  46. Make money in the stock market while you can. Because when trump leaves office America will collapse again worse than the 1st great depression.

  47. If your IQ is above room temp you noticed they went from 7 years to 9 with neither knowing if the statetement was true…lol

    JFC. One thing's for sure, you can't trust anything these two hacks say. Unbelievable.

    Fox can and should be better than this. This was absolute garbage reporting.

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