Professor Emeritus Honors Parents with Gift to A&M-Kingsville – Feature – 2019

Professor Emeritus Honors Parents with Gift to A&M-Kingsville – Feature – 2019

(MUSIC) Without Limits The Campaign for Texas A&M University-Kingsville (MUSIC) Texas A&M University-Kingsville Foundation (MUSIC) Vet Tech Program Honored with 1.3 Million Endowment Brad Walker: We’re talking about is mom and dad thank
goodness that Jo and Bruce Gunn gave us Dr. Wayne Gunn and we could all be here
today because this this is a special gift that he’s left us. Dr. Mark Hussey: But what I’ve
heard is about an individual that love this University and was loved by those
at the university, so this is a special day to be able to honor him and his
service to the University as well as his generosity. Dr. Bruce Schueneman: I have just completed my
fourth decade at the Jernigan library and I have known Dr. Wayne Gunn for most
of that time, he was one of the library people if I may so express it. Always in
the library interested in the scholarly life and actually publishing scholarly
works into his retirement years. Dr. Shad Nelson: And I’d like to celebrate the relationship that
Dr. Gunn had in relationship to his own family one of the members here, Joey you
know our relationships even with our four-legged friends becomes one of the
most meaningful things in life. Dr. Clayton D. Hilton: This gift came about by the generosity
of Dr. D Wayne Gunn and during a tour of our Veterinary Technology facilities he
met our students. And he was absolutely amazed at how happy, tired, but happy our
students were and that made a big difference to him and that was why he
decided to support our program we are a very hands-on program where
we do we have no online classes our students have great relationship with
the faculty and this endowment is allowing us to hire additional faculty
to make our student to student faculty ratio even better. Marilyn Reagan: well Wayne I can’t
tell you how many years Wayne taught here it’s been forever.
And he loved Texas, he loved Texas A&M, he loved walking his dogs on campus,
especially after he retired and the Vet Tech program he was thrilled when he met
Clayton and just saw the happy students. They they’re just super good people who
grew up who taught Wayne well and this this was his way of showing love he did
not spend the money he just wanted to honor them to help other people. (MUSIC)

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