Program of Emphasis: Renewable Energy

Program of Emphasis: Renewable Energy

People think of renewable energy they think of solar energy and wind turbines.
It’s so much more than that. We study alternative transportation type things
and talk about biofuels and geothermal hydro power systems. I’ll talk about what
we have been doing with energy throughout history and why maybe some of
the things we did were good why some of the things we did were not good and why
we need to make some changes. It’s the perfect balance, I feel, between a
little bit of math that you have to have to prove the science, a little bit
of science, a little bit of background. It’s discussion. It’s talking with each
other and learning from each other and then doing something with that. Our program offers something for everybody. So with the dual enrollment program, kids
can start in their freshman year and take a sequence of courses. We start out
with alternative energy sources. That one covers all the basic topics of renewable
energy. We start with basic things like solar cooking because that’s kind of a
fun thing to get kids involved right from the beginning. We spend a large
amount of time doing a big home efficiency unit -We’re looking at a house
that is efficient in terms of energy. The clothes line right here instead of using
like a dryer or something so it’ll air dry our clothes. We have a
garden to grow food. The awning and the tree that provides shade -And then they can
take the next course which is our photovoltaics course. We talk about
using the Sun to make electricity and then with that, they can take the
solar thermal systems course and so right now we have those three courses
and we have our renewable energy honors course -It’s not as much book work or homework
it’s a lot of, like I said, hands-on not sitting behind the desk all day it’s
getting out inside and just building different things. In our class we
build a solar thermal system where if AC makes hot water from the Sun and it’s a
whole entire system built on top of a mock roof Seminole State offers a certificate
that’s 18 hours. The courses that they offer towards that certificate several
of them can be taken here at Winter Springs High School so they go into
college already half done with a certificate and that certificate, once
they have that, they can take that with them transfer to a four-year university
so that’s really really nice it just opens a lot of doors It makes me want to
switch my career basically. At first, I was going think about going into law and
stuff and now I’m thinking about doing renewable energy and stuff like that in
college. You can make a real difference like our professor, for example, he goes
to Guatemala and like builds these systems so it really it just makes you
think you like actually change the world What I want more than anything else is that they take what they’ve learned with
them if they don’t have the ability to do something with it now to go and
spread the word and tell others about it and then when they have the ability to
do something for themselves in their own lives and in their own homes to
implement these things in their lives; that’s really what it’s all about
and I and that’s what I’m hoping for -It’s a great teacher a great class and
you’re really gonna learn a lot from it

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