Protecting and preserving Littoral Rainforest

Protecting and preserving Littoral Rainforest

We’re here today on the littoral rainforest in Newport in the Pittwater area of Sydney. It’s very important to the community to look after this land because it is very special there’s not much littoral rainforest and we have to conserve whatever we’ve got. A littoral rainforest is is partially defined by its proximity to the coast and they generally occupy a small ecological niche of certain conditions that are necessary for their survival. Within each one of those unique patches is a unique set of species that have existed together for tens of millions of years. As someone whose has lived in this area for nearly 50 years and done a lot of bush regeneration in that time, I’m very grateful to all the community groups who’ve cooperated to help acquire this land and also to the state government and the local council to organize for it to be acquired as a public reserve. Wonderful.

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