Protecting Farmers & Renewable Energy #Hart2020

Protecting Farmers & Renewable Energy #Hart2020

– Renewable energy. The pace in which the
innovation, the progress, the change; it’s not fast enough. The fact that we’re slowly
shifting to renewable in 2040, 2050, and I’ve seen 2075. Climate change is real. It’s growing every single second. The oceans are becoming more acidic. Plants are dying. There’s pollution, GMOs
across almost every aspect, every acre of our fine land. Farmers are now victimized, controlled by outside organizations on
which crops they can grow at which times. There must be a change. There must be more action. The technology is there,
the budget’s there. – [Announcer] Volunteers,
please provide and hour a month to save our country. Simply help coordinate
meetings in your city. A calendar and instructions
can be found on, where your city is marked by date. We’ll bring the snacks,
an open heart, and action. Can’t spare the time? Then become a Donor today. Every penny counts as we
are frugal in our movement. Log onto and
click the donate button. Be part of the journey. Hart Cunningham. Bringing
Logic to the Presidency. (dramatic musical finale)

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