Protecting natural resources—I Am Public Health

Protecting natural resources—I Am Public Health

I’m Brandon Macomber and I’m a Sanitarian with Public Health Madison & Dane County So the main responsibilities of my job are inspecting private on-site waste water treatment systems, um, reviewing and approving their plans, doing human health hazard investigations in the built environment, which can be anything from lead or asbestos or radon or mold, um, sometimes hoarding complaints as well. So what we do protects the land and water resources from contamination which, in the end, results in healthier people and healthier places. We’re in Indian Lake County Park, where they’re going to be putting a new park shelter in that will have restroom facilities. The site behind us is a, what’s gonna end up being a mound site installation. The idea is that, before any water is discharged into the ground it’s fully treated so that there aren’t any pathogens left in the water. We always like to come out and document what’s actually in the ground before it’s covered up so that way, 10 or 15 years down the road, if there’s any kind of problem, we know we have records of exactly what’s under the ground and what’s in there and know that it’s gonna function properly. I went to school as a pre-med student but then decided that, you know, if I do this type of work, you’re more into preventing illness as opposed to reacting to it afterwards, and so I think that’s probably the most rewarding part of the work we do is, you know, you’re preventing illnesses and exposure to health hazards. I protect our land and water resources and the built environment from health hazards
and I am Public Health.

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