Queen of Earth - Official Trailer | HD | IFC Films

Queen of Earth – Official Trailer | HD | IFC Films

it drives me crazy that places like this are so close to the city places like this yeah you know where tranquility isn't just a myth thanks for the exam that's what this place is here for from alex ross perry the acclaimed writer director of listen up philip and the color wheel comes an exploration of broken women queen of earth been here before just once last year be careful now you never know you never know what a week at the lake who the hell are you me rich you're like something out sometimes relaxation peace and quiet but under the surface works emotional imbalance she catherine is this great artist but she's hiding in her father's shadow an imbalance that tears open psychic wounds please don't talk to me like that like what like you're superior to me or any of us and threatens to shake the very foundations of sanity heard you walking around super late last night someone you were talking yourself I feel sick we feel Vista well we should trade places see how we feel then I could murder you right now I no one would ever know Catherine Waterston in a roll you'll never forget you're like I'm seeing you for the first time and Elizabeth moss as you've never seen her before you are worthless you are weak and greedy you are why people betray one another you are why there is nowhere safe you are why there's no escapin indecency and gossip queen of Earth an acidly funny and unnerving portrait of a psychological breakdown Catherine Waterston is startlingly impressive and Elizabeth moss electrifies a stylish whisper a love letter to teasing psychological horror Alex Ross Perry's queen of Earth

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7 thoughts on “Queen of Earth – Official Trailer | HD | IFC Films

  1. "Man lives in the sunlit world of what he believes to be reality. But… there is, unseen by most, an underworld, a place that is just as real, but not as brightly lit… a Darkside."

  2. an't quite figure out if it's meant to sound like a 90s b movie trailer or not. Is it a spoof, or serious?

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