32 thoughts on “R.E.M. Hall of Fame Induction- Gardening At Night

  1. My dad was a freshman at mizzou the year that these guys debuted on college radio (1982). That really had to be special to find a group as good sounding as REM in an era where most mainstream music began to sharply decline.

  2. Maybe it would have been perfect full circle if they had retired after this song that night. It’s a fantastic performance, it’s a great song and they still look pretty dam frickin cool.

  3. That brings me back to a state of REM…… Berry beating the drums like no other and Stipe's distinct vocals…. brings me back to some great carefree times in my life….

  4. I have loved REM since high school. Considering I was high school from 1984 to 1988, I consider myself lucky to find them. Thank god for an older brother

  5. Berry was so conspicuous by his absence in REMs last years. There's a raw, unflashy urgency he bought to their song's foundations. I love hearing them in this minimal 4 piece setting again. The trio + sessions guys live always sounded to Vegas Review to me

  6. Wonderful to see Bill back with them, albeit briefly. After he left, REM were never as good again: The 4-way democratic songwriting partnership was reduced and thus diminished. Such a shame but, thankfully, so much fantastic music had already been created beforehand.

  7. Great performance, but I wonder what's up with the pronunciation of "Gardening?" Sounds like he's pronouncing La Guardia airport. Gwardening. Lols.

  8. This must be one of the songs Eddie Vedder eluded to not being able to "understand what the phuck he was saying"
    I remember the day I first heard back in high school hooked ever since.

  9. if REM been your fave band since the beginning this will practically bring tears to your eyes – very emotional … they were the instrumental (no pun) influence on who I became as I just had to perform REM songs- did my first gig as 5th yr senior in college in 88 and done over 5000 gigs since.  It's what I do

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