Raindrop - The Cloud castle - Environment cartoon for children

Raindrop – The Cloud castle – Environment cartoon for children

you he travels everywhere with frosty its eyes the cloud Castle when Sun heats water from seas rivers lakes part of it evaporates turning into millions of tiny invisible droplets which are so light they rise up in the sky and when all these tiny droplets ascending reach cooler air they all join together forming slightly larger drops which are suddenly visible in what we know as clouds no need to speed up Nimbus we're only out for a stroll hey this is just like riding a wild horse sorry God there's not much I can do to avoid turbulence oh this is fun can you shave yourself into a rodeo horse how's this hold on tight Cowboys this is better than our rodeo watch out and hold on remember the ground is far away yes the ground frosty it's okay I'm coming to save you dear me I was close to turning into crust ice there sorry frosty thought I might have overexcited myself being a stallion haha you're not a skilled rider I think I did quite well considering it was my first rodeo haha your first one and nearly the last one too I wonder what happened to Froman dopey we saw them fly up into the sky running in circles inside a whirlwind hey they must feel pretty dizzy by now I wonder where they ended up poor guys I just hope they had a soft landing lease Pegman Mon times in a waterwheel I'm glad all that's over we're always you're up in the clouds Delfy what are we up here for as usual Dobie you're living the cloud Wow we're too far for the ground you're right we're gonna cloud know what's how do you knocking who are you picking your beat I flew Wow that was close I thought you would reach me in time it's safer to keep in the centre walking around the rib is dangerous you'd better stop working I gonna fall off the other end guys are learning it's country watching it's very kind of you clouds to help control the planet's climate during the day we're just like huge parasols protecting the earth from the Sun go on Nimbus shape yourself into a parasol hey guys forget it okay I had enough of this horse ride Oh looks like I'm coming with you huh what do you think of this parasol nice and fresh you're a genius Nimbus and now give us a new shape Hey this is more or less what clouds do at night clouds cover the earth with a light to stop the heat escaping into the sky hey guys check that cloud out looks like a lamb with now a rail and looks more like a fried egg and that one over there looks like an old truck and has suddenly beam jugs it's the wave who's responsible for shaping clouds changing them constantly well that cloud castle over there has been around for some time now hey Hans that's the cloud observatory weather report drops are working there let's go there I've always wanted to see how they work sigh it looks pretty gloomy to me fasten your seat belts guys we'll be landing very soon you mean clouding end up cloud do it gently please don't worry frosty Nimbus is an experienced genius where did you get your pilot's license in a fortune cookie ho ho sorry guys Nimbus I think they're all speaking about your family what oh yes look guys they're all there look there are the stratus clouds which always travel low you mean the ones that hide mountains and settle on the sea yes that's them and those are cumulus they are usually round shape and as white as cotton ball chin oh hey miss you're tickling me what surprised you millas I thought you were just a drawing no we're here examples for visitors study and you can't leave the board no well yes when someone comes to visit us like you now we can perform for you look cumulus are born small and with regular supply of evaporated water we will larger and larger until we turn into cumulus Nimbus wow that's incredible you clouds are amazing and what do you call those thin clouds you have over your head Cirrus these dare into extreme Heights where temperatures are freezing and that's why they're formed by ice crystals hi pal I'm also frozen it's as cold as the North Pole up there where nice cool guys aren't we did you enjoy the presentation that was great thank you I don't want to sell prejudiced potent but my family has always been artistic well I must get back to the Cirrus down here I would melt fast bye guys bye Chris we must also leave now we want to visit the observatory and meet the scientists follow those steps and you'll reach the entrance looks like we have visitors anyone would say cloud tourism is fashionable maybe now it is clouds have many new friends oh these boys look nice the only one I cannot trust is flu you can tell he has wicked intentions we better keep an eye on him you never know what he's capable of right now I wish there was a big storm and we have some heavy rain what do you need a stove if it rains I'll be able to mix myself with water drops back on the ground continue polluting you ever think of something else I prefer having a good time how about this for a good time and keep still for a while I'll cloud you up again I'm not in the mood for games yeah okay I think that what what is it the party's over their problems have just started crikey where did these come from do they also get it with the whirlwind these guys shouldn't be here this cloud belongs to us seize the intruders intruders flew what if these covers up – they look savage to me don't worry they're all the electric particles closet full of them but they're harmless against a wicked polluting germ like me oh my god a polluting germ that flu is bad news he could pollute the entire cloud we must do something to stop him best thing that could happen is a storm as he's already said and he would be back on the ground before polluting our cloud no we must avoid that if he falls on farmland he can make huge damage looting lettuce and tomatoes and whoever eats them will be sick and if he falls in a well he will poison the water and those who drink it will also be sick wherever he falls he'll do harm that's all he wants to do if that's the case we'll stop him who are you and what are you doing on this cloud I'm raindrop trustee I notice and you of course must be responsible for this Observatory oh you were worried about us I always thought the rest of the world ignored our existence while only in rulers here's some kind of sciences soar cloud masters true you're here to observe how clouds develop yes from up here we have a great chance of what from the most humble cloud to the largest one well storms develop all around us and burst with thunder and lightning whoa hey why are you talking frosty not your best day so far eh I'm so sorry sometimes we can't hold discharging inside clouds we're full of electricity well you should take greater care we nearly melted my friend here what's a brute he nearly fused me and what are we going to do with flu I wish you would never get back to earth yeah couldn't you lock him in a dark cloud somewhere clouds always return to the ground what they pick up and lightweight flu was sent up here inside a whirlwind but when a hurricane wind or tornado blows we didn't have mission frogs reach us up here and we can't hold up here everything it's unreasonable anything that reaches us do to win an evacuation goes back down again with rain but Luke can be really dangerous down there no need to worry right now he's been taken care of along with his friend in a cloud dungeon flu this hairy stinky guys are paid he can't stop licking me of course Yaron alcohol rum and he's dying drunk ion drinking iron incredible well we live to see I never thought an iron can end up drunk booty's a diode don't already they are electric particles there is full of them I'm a gathering clouds the positive and negative ions live together in clouds many live here in peace on positive and negative ions get cross yes and posit vayan whoa yes a positive ion think head of the positive ions a very positive guy yeah these oils get your bar nethers and negative iron is a hedalin– negative ions I suppose exactly bingo and what happens when they get crew that we see positive ion that marches with all the positive ions to the top of the cloud I had the staredown and negative iron gathers his negative troops in the bottom of the cloud true exactly bingo and why do they get angry at each other what's all that about nobody knows it's never the same reason but as soon as they clash hey lightning and thunder big storms you are the real storm here go and try flew for a change okay yeah what a sticky painful dude my god you're horrible this guy tastes like a cow Pat I'll have to clean my home with a brillo pad I must get those two true bleeders into a fight that means war and a storm see flu can only think of doing harm it's his wicked nature yes raindrop you're absolutely right but I fear there's not much we can do to change that clouds duties are to control the climate and distribute water throughout the world sooner or later a storm will break and flu will reach the ground with the rain rain is needed everywhere it water's fields and keeps rivers flowing without rain will soon become a desert you must accept it rain drop there's nothing we can do rain pours part of the natural cycle of water I understand but I wish I could stop pollution pollution is not our fault on the contrary we're always fighting pollution and although flu is dangerous humans are even worse they even pollute our clouds and the whole sky with toxic gas from their cars industries and debris human pollution has even reached the ice on the poles they must do something about it soon and the earth will be polluted and agonizing all that is true but for now our biggest problem is called flu water country always cloudy so captain who are these two chaps who have detained yeah these two came up here on a whirlwind prisoners are tension Oh tension failure the positive positive ion better known as the largest tower in the cloud silence imbecile imbecile and you and you must you repeat everything I say I say shut up you hear me shut up design audited who said that I'm the largest coward of this cloud who has dared make such some boats oh well everybody's talking about it I understand it was an Avon you first mention it bloody negative negative ion how dare he he is the actual coward of this town um this is whoa I did it the party's about to start he gets away with murder he managed to make positive Ian's mad will the storm break that's the result of an ion war their battles result in storms follow us and you'll see what actually goes on inside the cloud it's the cloud map and it looks alive yes look carefully positive ions are moving to the top into the cloud and negative ions to the bottom end that means the power difference between both ends of the cloud is growing and nothing can stop sparks from jumping and starting a storm positive ian is up here and the other large circle is negative Ian's effect ee hey he's just like drunken and barak Toby's assistance brave negative ions I've just received some late news which I believe is going to surprise you a storm is about to break out hey what a surprise same stuff again once again we must leave the positive ions what were you expecting invite them out dancing what would be better anyhow we will reunite once the storms over well what I need is some time off silence all go to your assigned places positive ion has charged the north with his troops you will charge themselves negatively okay troops March ions are taking sides fast we will soon notice the charges hoorah ions they'll grind each other and all for a stupid it's flues fault he either hurts or makes others hurt each other battles are stupid I just can't understand people who fight oh don't worry raindrop this is not really a battle it's just an electrical process which helps rain fall ready everyone the cloud is already polarized which means the top end of the cloud is a completely opposite charge to the bottom discharges are inevitable now the ions should be ready to perform by now following positive Ian's orders we will charge and discharge discharge I expect you all to accomplish your mission you have been thoroughly trained for this it's time to show it so it all set for the charge hold your positions positions wait for the signal thunder and lightning thunder and lightning wait for the signal taunted huge crowds clash terribly charged Sparks and tongues causing a storm with thunder and lightning the tombow is Friday Tanner Thunder both will soon be born James Fouts clash Thunder in line 8 let's fire up our buses lit with a flash now we're full top gear balls super electrified and down we're ready to soak the ground raindrops raindrops fall from the sky on the ground in the Seas raindrops that the Brooks rain drops before a nice big rainbow will be when it's hot big drops fall when it's cold the snowflakes drop in the stores there's no tricks or magic it's all electricity raindrops raindrops falling from the sky on the ground in the Seas rain drops good for us raindrops good for a nice pink rainbow goofy raindrops satisfy the monsters we can't allow deserts to resist they need water from us clowns if we want the planet to be fall Oh at last I'll be able to pollute I want to fall in a concert I'll leave all the flower they sink with it oh boy what do you mean oh hi please be a friend control your speed bullet of soft surface don't you want to jump off with your colleagues raindrop well I've never rained before well I'm going to love this I'm jumping fast don't you remember how scared you were the last time you're made of ice and you would break up into pieces when you hit the ground gosh I thought about that to see so many drops jumping off I guess it made me envious okay a drop of water must go through that experience huh I'm going to jump it could be fun it's a shame flu also jumped he surely must be polluting some pretty flower by now or the crystal-clear water from a stream who knows we might be lucky and he's fallen into some deep crevasse from which he can't ever come out I hope he falls on a cactus and pricks is well knows see you soon friends it's been a pleasure to visit your cloud you have a magnificent observation post come back whenever you wish rain drop his name is rain drought that is right rain drop goodbye friends I'm going to take part in my first rain fall see you will see or the cloud oh my friends come back whenever you want what rotten luck why me I wanted to pollute but none a trash can daddy's marvelous I really love it but this place stinks more than I could have ever imagined yeah how can I be so unlucky this can only happen to me with so much dad even I can catch a disease I've decided what jumper where we jump back you never know it depends on the wind if it's very strong it can carry us miles and miles maybe even to Hawaii but today it's not blowing very hard so we'll drop thread it right down the head before we jump I'd like to admire the scenery I hope it's a nice spot gosh a lower cloud has gotten away and I can't see anything that happened to us very often we call it blind jump it's great fun we jump from one cloud to another and then actually cross the center cloud we can see the ground it's a very exciting moment I'm jumping off now bye girls see you I'm coming with you and me well well I kind of like this rainy business the drops of water surely must get to see the most beautiful scenery rain is good for the land without it everywhere that would be desert but if we want clean and pure rain us humans must pollute the clouds cuz they always give us back what we send up to them so learn this lesson well they're full with smoke and pollution you

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16 thoughts on “Raindrop – The Cloud castle – Environment cartoon for children

  1. At 9:18 did she just say god instead of gosh as in oh my gosh she didn't say?

    Is this just like a kodomo(children) anime that contains darker and more mature content that's friendly for children as like this show is too?

    I wonder if this is just like the original Stitch! anime, before they destroyed it by Americanizing it and changed the plot to it that it said it contains darker and more mature content that's friendly for children and changed it to localized for younger US, English speaking and western audiences and a lower TV rating English dub.

  2. thank you very much Tatiana! We are very pleased that you like it! We will continue uploading Raindrop cartoon episodes to enjoy with you kids! Best regards! 🙂

  3. I love this show! Formal English, very little slang, and highly educational. I have let my son watch the first two episodes and we will watch the others as well. Great job!

  4. thanks!! 🙂 and there are another episodes in the youtube channel that maybe he likes too! thanks for your comment and have a good day!!

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