Rainforest-60 seconds

Rainforest-60 seconds

Imagine a mystical place, with lush blankets
of green moss draping majestic trees. Where some areas receive three meters of rain each
year, giving life to a staggering number of living things. Places like these exist right
here in Canada. In fact up to ¼ of the world’s coastal temperate rainforests are in British
Columbia. Among the most productive ecosystems on earth,
everything in this forest has a role: from 400-year-old trees that shelter nesting birds,
to fallen logs that support new life. Humans also have a role in rainforests; we
depend on their natural resources, like wood, to build our homes.
In return, we must work together to conserve the rainforest… and that’s just a start!
To find out more about Canada’s rainforests—and how you can help protect them—visit hww.ca.

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